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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

​Infinite Love ~ Part 1 ~ The Soulmates

Infinite Love ~ Part 1 ~ The Soulmates

After leaving his herd of cows to graze, Chief Vrishabhanu went to take a bath in the river Yamuna. He saw a beautiful baby girl at the center of a full bloomed lotus. A voice from the heavens said to him, ‘She is Radha, destined to be the companion of the eighth incarnation of Vishnu. Take her home!!!”
Vrishabhanu and his wife were happy to have Radha because they were childless. But Radha did not open her eyes and did not speak for the first five years. Her parents had assumed that she was blind, deaf and dumb.    
Then one day, he invited the family of Nand & Yashoda with eight-month-old cute kid Krishna. Radha felt an urge to walk up to the little boy. She opened her eyes to see Krishna as a first image for her life. She took him into her lap. Krishna murmured his name in a cute voice, “Kisna”. Radha repeated it in her voice, resembling the thousand chimes.
“Rads, where are you? Can’t believe you are with your books again. Get a life, kiddo!!! There is a life beyond the books. You don’t play and don’t mix with anybody. Whenever I see, your face is buried in some or other book. God, I am fortunate, these are not just study books. Vampires, Harry Potter, and Mythologyso many genres you read. I wonder, if you do not find a book, you can still read out the dictionary too :P” - Kirti chuckled.
Ten-year-old Radhika a.k.a. Rads had a smile while her head was buried in “The mystery of the burnt cottage~ By Enid Blyton”.
Yeah, it was true. She was good at her academics, but socially she was zero. She had her boundaries, aloofness and solitude to accompany her always. Though she was a cute girly girl, but people rather treat her as a grandmother.
There was a loud knock at the door.
Kirti was in the backyard. Hence, unwillingly Radhika walked up to the door and opened it. There was no one around and she closed the door.
Again, there was another loud knock while she was returning back to her couch. There was no one again. The next time Radhika was cautious. She quickly opened the door and saw a short & cute traitor, who was trying to run away but had stopped in his tracks.
“Aye, who are you?”
“I am Krish, just moved in the flat next to yours, yesterday.” 
“Why are you knocking and running away?”
“Actually, I am not able to press the call bell of the flat above this floor, I tried it, but alas, my height… Hence, I was knocking at your flat to help me out.”
Though not fully convinced with his innocent answer, she came along with him towards that flat. She pressed the call bell.
“Now, we’d to run away ;)”
With a wink, Krish whispered and took the staircase immediately.
Radhika was stunned for a moment yet felt excited too. Within a blink of an eye, she also ran away and followed him till the roof.
Both were laughing hilariously. Radhika was amazed at herself, what she did just now. Was it stupid? Yes. Was it fun? Yes. Should she regret it? Not at all.
And Krish held her hand. She felt a familiar yet an ecstatic touch.
Aha, Petrichor!!!! A fresh fragrance had touched her soul. Of course, it was the first rain of happiness after a dry season of solitude.
At this age, she probably didn’t know what the love is? She knew it from her heart, which was beating fast. She knew if from her soul, which was drenched with an immense joy yet with a pleasing tranquility.       
To be continued…. ​
P.S - Here I present a love story retold about the two immortal lover friends Radha & Krishna (8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu) ~Infinite Love. Your bouquets & brickbats are welcome.

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