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White matter is the brain tissue through which messages pass between different areas of grey matter within the nervous system. Using a computer network as an analogy, the grey matter can be thought of as the actual computers themselves, whereas the white matter represents the network cables connecting the computers together.

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Redheads!!!!

Fully soaked with sweat, I was running for almost five hours. I’d stopped to take a breather. There was no one on the streets, homes, and hotels. This place also was taken by “them,” burnt and destroyed.
It was already Seven PM. Which way were they headed?
I was coming from the Western suburbs. The Eastern and the Southern part were in a dark state.
The Northern part, still city lights were shimmering like fireflies. Yeah, it looks like they’d not taken that route.
Suddenly a silhouette appeared opposite me. It was moving quite fast towards me. In a startling moonshine, I saw a beautiful girl.
Before I could get enough time to gaze her, to appreciate her beauty, her long black hair, and her deadly smile, she hit me on my nose and pressed a nerve near my shoulder bone. I fell and lost my senses.

I don’t know when I opened my eyes and looked around. It was an exquisite and artistic room. Every wall had a beautiful handicraft on it. I was sitting on a chair. My legs and arms were tied neatly.
“Sorry, I was not aware that you’re the youngest & the famous scientist of our country, Mr. Pramod Saigal. I’d checked your driving license.”
“I am Meena Garewal. I had lost my family. It was the strangest thing that happened in my life, yesterday. My family had killed my family.”
“Yesterday night the electricity went out for a couple of minutes. Our house is in the mid of a field. There were few houses around, but two miles away. My brother went out to see whether the whole area is affected. What he saw outside was terrible. Another “him” just came out from the house opposite and looked at him. There was no house directly opposite to our house, how come this house similar to ours appeared there? As he ran inside and came out of another door. A Similar house and similar “him” was standing there too!!!”
“All four sides were surrounded by similar houses and maybe another “us"...”
“Then we decided to put a red mark on our palms to distinguish our family. But we didn’t know about the plan of our alternative families. My father then tried to peep into the other houses and found out the dead bodies of my brother and him. Their palms were marked with green and blue respectively.”
“My father returned furiously and killed my brother. My mother and I tried to stop him, but alas, he didn’t listen. After that, he told about what he saw outside. Like how he found the dead body of my brother and the green mark, which was the color of our family.”
“We freaked out too, and killed him.”
“Another version of my brother killed my mother when I was in the kitchen. I am an acupressure and taekwondo expert. I’d survived and killed those all, well almost… as not sure how many of those even exist? And then I met you. Sorry again as I would never be able to believe anyone after that horrific night.”
After a sigh, I told her I could explain the science and the reason behind it.
“Do you know the concept of a wormhole & parallel universes?”
“Suppose the distance between the edges of the paper is in light years, and you fold it in space. Whoa, you’d already traveled that long distance by folding it.”
“The people from other galaxies had used a wormhole of the Bermuda triangle to land on the earth."
“They’re quite advanced species, and no one can distinguish them from an ordinary human being. They can control the mind and the soul of others for their purpose. They’d created the reasons and the inventions for the wars like World War I and II, but they realized it was a quite inefficient way of destroying the human race."
“However, they still needed human bodies for planting manufactured souls, designed in their labs. Humans used to call them spirit and ghosts, but less they knew that those were always the produced soul by the aliens and a way to reproduce. Their plan is to destroy the human race now and create a space owned by them.”
“And parallel universes?” - Meena asked without even blinking her eyes. 
“They’d created parallel and alternative universes, for every home on this continent for the last night. Every event was repeated in other universes, but with a few changes, like blue and red marks. The basic instinct of a person is to doubt others and then to think that all the others are evil. This turns him/her into an evil and provoke to kill other versions of him/her. This is what you and your family did, by the way.”
“But why you were running and escaping from?” – Meena asked.
“I knew the secret and the plan of the aliens. They knew that I knew it. They’re trying to kill me. My alternate version burnt my house and my lab, but I’d escaped.”
She'd started untying me and her cheeks brushed against my face. On the spur of the moment, she pressed her quivering lips against mine.
“I like you, and I want to be with you.”- She whispered.
The next morning, she was looking quite beautiful, with her half-open eyes and her hair spread along my shoulder. I hugged her tight and told her.
“I do not know how long I will be alive, as they’re everywhere and in every government department. I will give you my cell phone memory card, which had the details of all the research, the secrets and the plans of the aliens. In case, something happens to me, do pass it on to the media, to the right person and publish it. You can distinguish an alien from a human by the color of their hair. They’re redheads. This is the last secret which I know.”
She hugged me back and pressed a nerve behind my ear.
Before losing my consciousness, I saw her short hair with the shades of wine red.

***The End****
P.S - Seems like a hangover of watching too many sci-fi flicks, however, enjoyed writing it and mixing various original elements and twists.
P.P.S - Anime pictures taken from http://www.wikia.com/ under CC-BY-SA. Thanks!!!

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