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Monday, April 20, 2015

IPL (Indian Puneri League) Teams :D

Welcome to Indian Puneri League (IPL)

CSK - Chinchwad Super Kings Or Chakan Super Kings 
RR - Rastapeth Royals Or Ravivarpeth Royals
SRH - Sunrisers Hadapsar Or Sunrisers Hinjwadi
MI- Mundhawa Indians Or Marketyard Indians
RCB - Royal Challengers Baner-Balewadi Or Royal Challengers Bibvewadi
KKR - Kothrud Knight Riders Or Kondhwa Knight Riders 
KXIP - Kings XI Pimpri Or Kings XI Phursungi
DD - Dapodi Daredevils Or DeccanGymkhana Daredevils​
SPW - Sahara Pune Wakadians (Thanks, Hemanth!!!) Or Sahara Pune Warjian  - [Though not playing in 2015]

~Originals By AT

P.S - Thanks Hemanth for reminding/suggesting Pune Warriors Team name & Kaniska too for suggesting the title.

#Pune #Puneri #IPL

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