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White matter is the brain tissue through which messages pass between different areas of grey matter within the nervous system. Using a computer network as an analogy, the grey matter can be thought of as the actual computers themselves, whereas the white matter represents the network cables connecting the computers together.

Friday, April 17, 2015

A φ-nominal & Symbolic Love Letter For The π Day (3/14/15)

Greek Symbols
π(Pi) φ(Phi) τ(Tau) ρ(Rho)μ(Mu) β(Beta) σ(Sigma)ψ(Si) ζ (Zeta)ν(nu) Σ(Sum)
φ-nominal & Symbolic Love Letter For The π Day (3/14/15)
My Dear Q-T- π(Cutie Pie) π-retty (Pi-rettyζ (Zeta),
The day, when I saw you with your father "Circumference" and mother "Diameter", I fell in Love with you, at the first number after the decimal (Love at first sight).
Whenever I see you, my heart gets imbalanced and my mouth utter gibberish, but you know it’s called all the numbers in you (3.141592653….). My “Centre/Axis” of Gravity dislocates, my legs tremble and I lose balance. I fall in love and literally too, rolling on the floor, you can see my spherical body (φ).
You can now imagine how much I love you, just infinite like your value.
I hope, this is a right time to convert ourselves from “Irrational” [Bachelor] to “Rational” [Married].
I heard that your τ (Tau/Chacha) had beaten many flirts and changed their values very badly into zero [By hitting them with his stick]. Do not ever try this with me and form a “Finite” value [Marriage] with me. It will help us to plan cute β/β-ti [kids] like you and me.
If your parents will oppose and force us to join “Integral-” equation [Social/Arranged Marriage], we can elope from here and evolve our “Σ” [Love] into “Differential-” equation [Love Marriage].
If you do not agree, I will dive inside flooded ψ-nk (Si-nk). Then you will have no choice but to spend your life in tears (ρ ρ ke – ro ro ke). You will then regret forever for not finding a truly loving “Golden” number like me, again.
Please accept my “ratio” [Love Proposal]. Do join me outside your Circle [Home] to talk over a cup of coffee, π-zza & chocolate π and then decide to move towards new [ν(nu)] destinations likeμ-nich or π-nebrook, later.
With Love,
Irrationally Yours,
φ-l” (Phi-l) Goldrett (Golden Ratio)
P.S - Written it on the Pi Day of the century 3.14.15 9:26 AM. Happy Pi Day, an excuse to eat pie:-)

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