What is White Matter

White matter is the brain tissue through which messages pass between different areas of grey matter within the nervous system. Using a computer network as an analogy, the grey matter can be thought of as the actual computers themselves, whereas the white matter represents the network cables connecting the computers together.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Socha Hai? - Blood Diseases of Victims & Vampires...

What if the victim had diseases related with blood? 
What would be the reactions of Vampires?
High Blood Pressure:-
People with high blood pressure are crucial to Vampires, Why & How?
1. It can reduce and optimize blood sucking time by 87%, just insert your fangs, puncture the vein and a full force flow of blood will satiate any vampire in very less timeJ!!!
2. If there is a celebration, instead of opening a champagne bottle, a puncture at vein will give pleasure of opening blood champagne;) [Came up during R&D sessions with friends, Thanks Upam]
Some more advantages of high BP, you can think of?
Here are some cool reactions by vampires, during a bloodsucking job, if a victim had these diseases related to blood:-
Anemia:- "Uff, this blood is very weak, anemic hellL"
Low Blood Pressure: - "OMG, this buddy got low BP, it takes very long time to suckL"
Blood Thickening OR Clotting: - "Umm, let's have puddings todayJ"
High Sugar (Diabetes): - “Hurray, we got the dessertJ
Any more diseases you can think of and guess the reactions of Vampires?
~AT - 2012
P.S –Hindi Language Quote from a Vampire-

Tum Mujhe Khoon Do, Main Tumhein Immortality Doonga" /*Original By AT */
a.k.a "Tum Mujhe Khoon Do, Main Tumhein Aazadi Doonga."

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Silence Kills - A Murder Mystery


30th November 2020(Cyber Security Day)

Morning 8 AM

“Ravi can’t do itno, not suicide!!! “

Everyone was surprised to see him lying cold on his bed. The cause of death was over consumption of alcohol, which had failed his already damaged liver.

His death-note mentioned just four words:


His mouth was closed.

His hand was showing the ring finger and the middle finger bent over palm and others in a standing position.

Detective Andy was not in favor of deciding it as a suicide, unlike Inspector  Khandekar, who thought it’s a closed case.

Chapter-1 : The Prime Suspects

Detective Andy Brown & Rita Mayer interviewed the people around him and Inspector Vilas Khandekar noted down the observations.

Siddharth (Close friend)
Ravi, Age 30, was a cheerful and optimistic friend of mine, right from our orphanage days.

Later he found his passion in hacking and computers. He was an ethical hacker and worked in an IT Security firm “What the hack?” founded by his boss Jatin. His story about getting selected in the company was very interesting.

The first question of Jatin was – “Why should we hire you?”

He bravely told – “It is not you, who invited me for the interview. I’d hacked into your system and invited myself”.

He was naturally selected:).

He was a geek. You will find a big touch screen and a high-end computer in his room, used  for his weird experiments.

We never knew what he worked on, but he used to say he had a master program to hack any PC, mobile or the internet connected device virtually.

It was the tenth time last week, Ravi found lying unconscious on his bathroom floor. After a few hours, he used to regain consciousness.

This time he exercised all the medical tests and found out a surprise. This condition resulted from the high chloroform content in his lungs and the body, which had severely damaged his liver. There was a month-long treatment which was pending to cure it entirely.

Yesterday, he had invited all his friends and colleagues to announce his marriage with Sunayana and his plans to leave for Andaman for the honeymoon afterwards. Though he was a teetotaler, but he’d arranged drinks for us.

Sunayana is a deaf-and-dumb girl, whom he met at an NGO event. It was love at first sight and it was no ordinary love. Even after a few days, he got to know about her mute and silent life, his love remained as-it-was. He learnt the sign language for her and proposed her using it. Even we learnt the sign language too.

You can understand the depth of his undying love by his last hand gesture at the deathbed – “I Love You”.

His eyes were full of tears and throat choked, every time he uttered  “was”.

Vinay (Landlord)
Ravi was a humble and well-mannered guy. He used to pay rent in full and with interest too but delayed. His money used to spend on upgrading his computer and latest gadgets, I could understand.

Kapil (Banker and his friend)
Ravi was a responsible and honest friend of mine. That is why sometimes I’d bypassed our rules to lend him money, for his research close to his heart.

Deepak (Colleague)
Well, Ravi was my best enemy. We used to play games of hacking. He was a genius hacker. Hence, I used to envy him and sometimes tried to demean him. But he was very supportive. Last time when unintentionally I hacked into the Pentagon, he wiped out my traces of hacking to save me from a big havoc. He was working on a confidential project with Jatin, but I am not sure of the details. I can help you in getting access to his computer as I know his boot password;) but not the further passwords.

Pitamber (Watchmen)
Ravi Sahib was a kind human-being. He saved me from litigation and false charge of a burglary at his home. Otherwise, my future was in danger.

Jatin (Manager/Founder of the company-What The Hack)
Ravi was a brilliant hacker and the best employee of WTH. I had promoted him ahead of time and shared my profit too, with him.

He had devised a smart bot or resident software, which could hack/track online activities on any PC  behind any network, firewalls and proxies. We were working with government officials on a secret mission, which I cannot divulge.

I’d lost that project as well as my brilliant colleague :(.

Chapter-2 : The Lock and The Keys

At Police Headquarters:

Detective Andy, Rita and Inspector Khandekar were discussing the clues.

“Why don’t we arrest Sunayana? His hand gestures, points to her, isn’t it?” – Khandekar.

“Nope, that actually translates into “I Love You” and obviously points to her. These four words must have some connection or kind of cryptic code.” – Andy replied.


“Island-Island, does it point to Andaman-Nicobar island?” – Khandekar.

“Why it is used twice? Maybe pointing to a word or pattern. Moreover, we’re in 2020 now and Nicobar island is already submerged  during the Tsunami’2004. It is now Andaman only, again a single island. Think more!!!” - Rita

“Debt-People points to some debts due to which he committed suicide,”- Khandekar.

“Bank manager has confirmed that there were no debts of any kind and moreover, it is not a suicide.” – Andy.

“How could you be so sure?”-Khandekar.

“No one leaves suicide note as a cryptic message, but a message for apologizing or show anger/depression. It does not go well with his happy-go-lucky nature, teetotaller traits and the impending start of new life with Sunayana. He had definitely pointed towards his killer and in a way which killer may not understand. Usually, cryptic messages had combinations, one should be a lock and another should be the key. There must be some common thread between these words and his last gesture.” – Andy.

“Whoa!!! I Love You???”- Rita.

“Of course, I Love you too:), Babe!!! Why flatter me at this time? ” – Andy.

“I am not praising you, I am saying he had used sign language to say I love you and his mouth was closed. So that must be the lock.” – Rita

“Correct!!! The keys are those words or maybe individual letters in combinations. What’s the common factor here?”- Andy fidgeted.

Ignorantly Rita started reciting the words in rhyme, like a rap singer, many times.


Soon Andy and Rita were nodding heads on the tune and raising hands in between. Khandekar was blank but was enjoying.

Something clicked in Andy’s mind and he whispered it into Rita's ear. Soon they rushed towards Ravi’s Home. He invited Deepak and Sunayana too.

Deepak entered the boot level password on Ravi’s PC. Success!!!

There was a next level authentication of 4-character pin. Andy tried one word in uppercase and then lowercase. His guesses were wrong.

Only one attempt was remaining and his secrets are about to be buried with him, forever.

Andy was frustrated and so were all others.

“Can we try numbers?” – Deepak murmured.

“Numbers? But the key is the word!!!” – For a moment, Andy didn’t blink and visualized the letters.

Somehow he trusted his instinct and keyed in four numbers. 

Whoa!!! A wallpaper of mirror appeared on the big touch screen, where they could see their reflections.

They were now clueless, another level of authentication, oh no!!!

It didn’t take any keyboard input as no cursor appeared.

While Andy was observing his reflection and he raised his hand. A message displayed “2 of 3 attempts remaining!!!”.

Great, Sunayana is here, he thought. He has shown that word to her and asked about the gesture equivalent. She put her hand as a claw on her right shoulder.

Andy tried the same gesture. It must be correct. It must be, oh no, not again!!!

 “1 of 3 attempts remaining!!!” – The message again frustrated him.

After thinking for some time, Andy asked Sunayana to perform the gesture.

And yes, his computer was unlocked now!!! Thank God!!!

The secret diary had opened up many secrets about his work, fears and about his killer. Finally, the killer was arrested.

Chapter-3 : The Murderer He Wrote

At Police Headquarters:

Inspector Khandekar was not able to understand anything even after arresting the murderer.

Andy and Rita were smiling to see his confused face and finally decided to unlock the mystery step by step using the clues.

“I Love You!!! The last gesture of Ravi was indeed a language of silence and directed towards the love of his life, Sunayana, who played a significant role in solving the puzzle.

All the four words had a “Silent” letter which formed a four letter word or the key.

deBt-peOple-iSland-iSland => BOSS

After the boot level authentication, the number equivalent 8055 (BOSS) was the PIN.

The next authentication was the gesture equivalent of BOSS, but Sunayana was the medium or the key (Or Ravi himself, if alive).  He set the authentications cleverly as “BOSS” and this note, well before his death.

In his diary, he explained about his program in laymen’s term as:

“Do you know when you type “How to” in Google search bar. It displays the maximum searched trends like in this case – “How to Kiss” and so on. Do not laugh, people these days really take the help of Google God in this area. So, you are trying to search the same immediately, do not laugh.Ha Ha!!! 

Just opposite to that, there are the words rarely searched.  My program or bot tracks online activities, social networks  and search patterns. It compares it with a repository of such rare words related to crime or terrorism, such as “rape”,”murder”,”kill”,“explosives” and so on.

Based on the pattern, it could predict the criminal/terrorist activity with some % of probability. It uses a precise algorithm over the social networking data and locations. It can point towards the exact location, people involved and the time of that activity.

I was happy to serve here, to stop the rate of crimes, war and terrorist attacks. However, I was smart enough to check the actual actions taken based on my predictions passed on to my boss Jatin. I’d closely tracked his devices while hacking multiple two-level authentications and firewalls. I came to know nearly 20% of predictions were used for a valid cause, but the rest were available on a secret marketplace run by “What The Heck” a.k.a. Jatin.

I was extremely careful in hacking the company’s and Jatin’s devices. Somehow I felt he got to know about me when I sensed a new bot running and monitoring on top of mine. There was an attempt of a burglary at my home too, and I suspect Jatin was behind it. Pitamber was innocent.

Last few days, I am getting dizzy around the particular areas like the bathroom. When I’d correlated it (though late) with Jatin’s search pattern, I’d uncovered a deadly slow poison planted within my body which was damaging my liver. He had mixed high amount of chlorine in my water supplies, which, despite filters, reacted with my antibacterial soap, mouthwash and dishwasher liquids and produced chloroform. I know the after effects now and taking corrective actions.

Tomorrow I will announce my plans. Hopefully after marriage, during my vacation, I would work with my bot from Andaman and destroy this deadly weed called Jatin, my Boss!!!

For a safety measure, I am resetting all my passwords and leaving a secret note, in case I am being kidnapped or murdered. ”

Andy sighed- “Unfortunately, he was not able to uncover Jatin.  Jatin mixed pure alcohol in Ravi’s drink, which acted as a last nail in his coffin, his weak body. It looks like once Ravi lost his subconscious, some more alcohol was given to him, causing a sure shot, but a slow death. We were lucky that he was able to plant his last notes and clues cleverly”.


Deepak is now heading “What The Hack”. He ensured that the bot invented by Ravi is used for 100% valid causes. However, he was still not able to crack the code of Ravi’s bot:(, despite banging his head against it. He accepted defeat from a genius hacker. 

Sunayana spent her life in Ravi’s memories though she’d developed a platonic relationship with Siddharth, Ravi’s close friend. She had enhanced Ravi’s gesture recognition system to help deaf and dumb people, with the help of Siddharth, Kapil and Deepak. Landlord Vinay leased Ravi’s home for an orphanage, served by the watchmen Pitamber. It was extended later as a Scientific Learning Centre named after Ravi.

*The End*

Friday, July 10, 2015

Dubbed Movies, Funny/Interesting Titles!!!

चींटी मानव
मुंगी माणुस
Fifty Shades of Grey
धूसर रंग के पचास रूप
राखाडी रंगाच्या पन्नास छटा  
Secret in Their Eyes
उनकी आँखों में रहस्य है
त्यांच्या डोळ्यांमधील गुपित
Mad Max: Fury Road
अधिकतम पागल : क्रोध का रास्ता
कमाल वेडा : संतापाचा रस्ता
उधमी भूत
दंगलखोर पिशाच
Jupiter Ascending
चढ़ जा गुरु
गुरु चढा की?
Furious Seven
गुस्सैल सात
रागीट सात
Kingsman: The Secret Service
राजा के आदमी : गुप्त संस्था
राजाचे माणूस : गुपित खाता
Gone Girl
ये तो गई
वाया गेलेली मुलगी
कह के लूंगा
बोलून घेणार
The Theory of Everything
सब कुछ का सिद्धांत
सर्व काही च्या मीमांसा
Edge of Tomorrow
कल की चौखट पर
उद्याच्या काठेवर
The Fault in Our Stars
दोष सितारों का
चूक तारयांची
The Imitation Game
नकली खेल
अनुकरण खेळ
It Follows
पीछे ही पड़ गया ये तो
मागेच लागला हा तर
पिट गयो रे
Inside Out
अंदर से बाहर
आतून बाहेर
तारों के बीच
तारांच्या मध्ये
Transformers: Age of Extinction
कायाकल्पक : विलुप्त होने की आयु
कायाकल्पक : नामशेष वय
~Originals By Anand Tambey