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White matter is the brain tissue through which messages pass between different areas of grey matter within the nervous system. Using a computer network as an analogy, the grey matter can be thought of as the actual computers themselves, whereas the white matter represents the network cables connecting the computers together.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Punctuation Matters!!!

“Woman: without her, man is nothing.”
“Woman, without her man, is nothing.”
While I was reading tweets about punctuation and reflecting about it, I felt a connection of it with our life, love and relationships.
I’d posted a series of tweets about it. However, I sensed the limit of 140 characters was stopping me from discovering them, in a better way. Hence, I’d thought of expanding and experimenting it with my thoughts here. Corrections, bouquets and brickbats, are always welcome.

  • The spaces between these words, when I miss you and the words, when I miss you more and verbalize it.
  • The spaces between these words are the heartbeats skipped when I think about you and lift my pen up. The words are nothing but the highs and lows of my heartbeats, when I think of you and me, together, while pen enjoys warm touches and secret encounters with the paper.   
  • The spaces between these words are the frequent silences between us, when our lips are muted and our eyes talk.

  • The commas and semicolons within these words are an effort to extend the time with you on a beautiful trail of thoughts, no matter how long the sentence may become.

  • What about putting an unwanted end to an ecstatic meeting with words and to part again until the next encounter with words begins.

  •  The words I confine inside brackets are the words, to whispering something more into your ears, while forming a curve with my hands.
Ellipsis (…):-

  • Why our meetings are always unfinished much like an ellipsis, always having something more to talk, but less time.

  • How easily you belong to me and I belong to you, without having to use an apostrophe at all?
  • How about coming close to you, more, by omitting few letters and replacing them with an apostrophe between or much better, putting an apostrophe at the end of the word. 

  • How the two words turn into one word over a hyphen? It is much like our souls passing across a bridge, bumping into each other, to finally dissolve into one.
  • No matter how far we are, an invisible thread bond us together, just like two words connected with a hyphen, but reckoned as a single word. That explains how our two souls became one.

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