What is White Matter

White matter is the brain tissue through which messages pass between different areas of grey matter within the nervous system. Using a computer network as an analogy, the grey matter can be thought of as the actual computers themselves, whereas the white matter represents the network cables connecting the computers together.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Double Blue Tick!!!!

November, 6th, 2014, 00:41 AM - MH370 departed from Kualalampur.
November, 6th, 2014, 01:35 AM - MH370 sighted by military radar, flying at a low height.
November, 6th, 2014, 01:45 AM - MH370 crashed.
November, 7th, 2014, 21:50 AM - No one alive and only ashes remained. 

November, 9th, 2014 - Beijing Morgue 

Xian was unable to hold the rain of incessant tears. His love was just a "dead body" now.

Alas, he'd attempted to give a voice to his unsaid love, but it was too late. 

He'd sent her a message "I Love You <3 <3 <3 <3" at 01:43 AM, with the hope she would know it upon arrival. 

He opened his WhatsApp chat with her and stared at his last message showing a single grey tick mark. 


Two blue ticks appeared next to his message :|

*The End* 

P.S - The latest version (today) of WhatsApp (2.11.43) now officially incorporates this blue double tick feature. grey tick means the message has been sent, two grey ticks that it’s been delivered to the recipient, and two blue ticks that it’s been read. 

Do check more about this new feature at http://blog.en.uptodown.com/whats-blue-double-check-whatsapp/

Please pardon & let me know in case of any mistakes as written in a bit hurry to convert this idea quickly into this story.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Think about a "Nice Bucket Challenge"!!! - Indian context for such challenges

Unless you are on a social networking break, chances are your timeline has been flooded with videos of friends for the ALS ice bucket challenge, which has been going viral across social media. People who are challenged by someone either dumps a bucket of ice water over their heads within twenty-four hours or donates hundred dollars to the ALS foundation. Many people have chosen to do both.
There are around 30k people in the US diagnosed with ALS, a rare disease. On the awareness and research front, there is not much support. Thanks to the ice bucket challenge, the ALS foundation received 5.5 million and still counting (comparing to 32k received last year). So ice bucket works for ALS foundation.
ALS is scarce enough in the United States, but in India, it is so rare that we don't even have data about ALS patients. The ALS challenge seems logical in the USA where the major diseases like cancer are well funded. In India, however, it lacks on the front of awareness, research funding and treatments for even the leading diseases.
So what should we learn from it and follow this concept in India?
The learnings:-
The primary and obvious reasons for its success are

  1. Simplicity – Just dump a bucket of ice water on the head and/or donate $100.
  2. Personal involvement & gratification – People felt proud & involved to share the videos of dumping ice water with moments of shocks, failures & fun like a celebrity for a day. Needless to say, it creates an opportunity to show off the looks and what not. Notable mention: Bill Gates, who spiced up the challenge by making a classic design/contraption to dump ice-water from the bucket.
  3. Time-Window (24 hours) – Fast paced challenges with quick turnaround time.
  4. Exponential reach – Due to the time - window and option of nominating more people instantly for challenge resulted in an exponential reach. According to classic mathematics shared in an article, it could cover the whole population (FB & world) in approximately twenty days if it would take a disciplined path. It is the sheer power of multiplicity and chain marketing.
What already had started in India:-
  1. The Rice Bucket Challenge started by a lady Manju Kalanidhi from Hyderabad. It is very profound, apt and productive in Indian context. It proposes to donate a bucket full of rice for the people needing it (not to dump or waste). However, it is not spreading as much as the original challenge.
  2. The Book Bucket Challenge on Facebook across the world(not only in India), proposes to nominate top 10 books which made a difference / impact on a person’s life. Simple, interesting and doable.
What we can start as a constructive challenge in Indian context?
The Nice bucket challenge!!!
Take an action to eradicate or fight top three diseases in India, namely:-
1. Cardiovascular Diseases
2. Respiratory Diseases
3. Tuberculosis
And most importantly, be a nice human being and kind.
  1. Be Nice & Kind - Help any three people and be nice to them (Perform a random act of kindness). These three people, after performing random acts of kindness, would nominate three more people and so on.
  2. Make their day – Nominated people can meet people from various backgrounds like poor OR differently-abled OR mentally-challenged OR senior citizens OR cancer (or likewise depression/AIDS/Cardiovascular disease) patients. Make their day as the happiest one.
  3. Propagate/encourage healthy habits – Nominated people can leave one (or more) bad habit(s) such as smoking, drinking and favorite fast food for twenty-one days to six months (good enough time to leave bad habits even permanently). Remember the top disease in India is cardiovascular disease. Replace bad habits with healthy habits such as a healthy diet, positive attitude, regular running, walking and exercise.
  4. Contribute for a Pollution-free-India – Nominated people would use walking or cycling instead of vehicles for one day in a week for six months or so on. Alternatively, they can choose to clean nearby area or can plant or water a tree.
  5. Volunteering for a chosen cause – List could be probably endless if nominated people would choose their random act of kindness or any act contributing towards fighting top three diseases for self, as well as others.
You may share selfies, pics, story and videos likewise about the same and tag other people.
[Note - Remember personal involvement & gratification:)].
Doing it for a good cause is more important than sharing pics, selfies and videos.
Can we do it as a habit OR a constant challenge OR do we still need to dump something on our head?
  1. Hyderabad woman's rice bucket challenge becomes a boon for the poor
  2. Knowing top 10 killer death diseases in India
  3. Who cares about ALS? In India, the Ice Bucket challenge is all about fun
Dated - 1st September'2014

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The First Rain!!!

As the sunshine retreated
Towards the west
Tired shadows
Slid under the trees to get a rest

A breeze, so sweet
Touched me tender
Few trees whispered
Something to each other
With every rumor they spread
My heart skipped a beat
At the thought of losing her
Will we ever meet?

Soon came along
A storm of dreams unfulfilled
Along the way from her to me
Ah! Some were killed

A poet scribbled down a sad song
He was in despair for so long
He shattered the pen later, I think
Dark melancholy spilled over the sky, just as the ink

 All of a sudden,
The gales changed its course
The first time in years
When the heart of the sky ripped apart
Even clouds couldn’t hold the tears

The addictive fragrance
Filled the atmosphere
When the tear drops
Melted the dust layer

It is the first ever rain
In my eyes and the sky
Filled my heart with the scent of love
 When my tears touched your memories dry
Hope this rain conveys to you
How exactly I am missing you?
How much I miss you?

P.S. - A futile attempt to arrange my thoughts and tweets below into a not-so-well-rhymed poem. Corrections, bouquets and brickbats are welcome. 
  • She is a girl with a soul as the first rain and I, a boy waiting for her as the dry earth. Our rendezvous, a bewitching fragrance, petrichor. @AnandTambey
  • Once I sat on the river bank, I wrote few lines and pushed them as paper boats. Have you read them, when it rained? @AnandTambey
Images Courtesy:http://all-free-download.com/

Two Rivers – Part – 5 [The Proposal – Ankush’s Viewpoint]

July 2009

Love was unsaid, feelings were untold. Four long years of engineering were over. It was the last day of Shimmy in Chennai.

A message flashed on my cell phone:

“Hi Ankush, I am leaving...probably we will never meet. All the best... Bye”

''Yes, all the very best to you too."

I’ve taken a trip down the memory lane of the last four years and finally, I’d typed this message. It was too difficult to hold my tears.  

*Flashback* 2005 - 2009

Right from the fifth day of the college, Shimmy had me at the first glimpse. I’d liked her choice of western formals and a cute look with a soft makeup, resembling a Chinese Actress.

When she stared at me for the first time I'd to confess, I was lost in her kohl-tipped eyes.  As she seated at her desk in a state of confusion, my eyes had indeed followed her, though unusual and surprising for my own nature of indifference. There were some inexplicable and invisible vibes, which were attracting me towards her.

I’d resolved never to be involved in any love affair or flirting or any friendship with girls. For me, my study and my goals were important. Yet, the more I’d tried not to fall in love with her, more I got attracted to her, though silently but without letting her know about it. 

My passion was singing and playing guitar. Was it the age or her attraction, I’d loved to sing romantic songs of Ali Jafar, Jal Band and ARR. My songs reflected the deep emotions and touched the heart of the audience around.

Earlier my songs felt so empty, plain and meaningless. I realized this strange or positive change that how a simple thought of her and my skipped heartbeats filled the missing notes in between.  Many times while singing with closed eyes, I felt her nearby. It was the first time or may be the last time, I had found someone to dedicate the songs and to vent out my feelings through resonating lyrics.

The eyes of many girls followed me and I was so negligent to all those, but not to one pair of beautiful eyes.  Somehow, I adored her stares and the way she looked away sheepishly, once caught. I used to wait for her to join our project work. I used to cherish her company and her talks (may be technical, but sounded as jingles to my ears).

A mutual friend, Manish, told me about her love towards me. My heart filled with immense happiness inside, however, to honor the promises to self, I kept my distance and silence intact.

July' 2010

It was one long year that went without knowing her whereabouts except her email-id in the slam book. I didn't know where she went after college. I had a stable job in Haryana now, with a good GMAT score as well.

I held back on my mail to Shimmy in drafts, until I realized that I would never get rid of her thoughts and the urge to see her once more. I hit the send button.

And my journey begins with a long-distance friendship and occasional face to face encounters with her.

We talked regularly on the phone as well had SMS/Chat every day. We began to know about each other. Every day started with a good morning message. The nights were incomplete without a sweet good night message and of course with multiple smileys, in abandon.
Even we were far away, every word spelled, every sweet compliment exchanged, every occurrence of smiley and every word made me smile for so many days.

I knew that we both cannot hold for long, to turn towards a trail of love, sweet love.

February’ 2011

We sat under a bamboo shade at the park nearby. As usual, I used to tell her my dreams, sing songs and listen to her unending talks.

“Do you know, Shimmy? I have a dream about my first car.”

“Let me guess. It is Swift OR Honda City.” – She rolled her mischievous eyes.

“Nope, I won't buy any other car than BMW.”

She burst out with laughter. I was not able to take my eyes off her.

“You are beautiful.”

She blushed and her laughter reduced to a sheepish smile.

*Deep breath Inhale*
“Shimmy, I have this dream that you are by my side and holding my hand, when I am driving the BMW.

I know it may sound crazy, but I’d a secret crush on you till now and but not anymore. The day you entered in the class, the day when you looked into my eyes and gazed. The days when you spent moments with me talking about IC and Chips. Something inexplicable had happened.

I do not know the reason of anything, which I did or doing now at this minute.

There is something buried deep inside my heart, I want to show it you now. Songs which I sang for you, tunes that I’d dedicated to you and the mental notes I’d prepared, which never seen the light of the day until we met.

There are many questions too.

Why I’d attracted to only you?

Why I keep listening to your chit-chat an as if I am enjoying an eternal concert of music, where my heart beats dances with the musical notes up and down, on the pages of my soul.

Why I do not worry about sharing my weirdest dreams and fantasies with you, even at the cost of making myself vulnerable. The freedom is what I experience when I am with you.

Whenever you go away, somehow I know you will come back to me. It was like we had never been separated.

There is no absolute reason why I am in love with you?

I just know, I Love You and I want to be with you.

Will you marry me?”


The soul of Shankar Mahadevan left me and my breathless performance was over. I was on my knees.

Shimmy was in awestruck and tears rolled down her cheeks, the tears of happiness, of course. It was the rain she waited for so long, I knew.

“Yes, Ankush, Yes!!!”

She nodded and hugged me like an innocent kid. I’d patted her back and kissed her forehead.

The distance between us had subsided now but still we were thousand miles apart technically. I was in Haryana and she was in Maharashtra.

Earlier our enemy was time and words unsaid. Now, it was the distance and opposition from her family, bearing to my cast. 

 [To Be Continued]

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Die Laughing!!!

Ryan read “it” on  WhatsApp. He laughed so hard that it became impossible for him to breathe in.  His eyes started bulging out. He was alive until he shared it with friends. 
“This joke was so  funny that I almost died laughing. You can not die without sharing it. I’m  sharing it with you.” 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Two Rivers

Two Rivers
By Anand Tambey (31st May 2013)
We are two rivers.
We run in parallel…
Yet apart.
We foster,
The land beneath,
Our owned part of earth,
Along the way.
We make,
Our own independent ways,
Be it uneven stones,
And the terrain.
We fight our own battles,
With a hope inside,
Maybe someday,
We will meet.
We are two hopeful rivers.
And a forking canal,
Makes up the way to another.
We see each other
And smileJ
A part of me,
Meets a part of you.
We are two rivers,
Who meet each other,
As canals.
We talk too much
And yet talks remain incomplete.
Our words tell different stories,
And yet eyes alone, do the talking.
Our heartbeats speak aloud
And yet it mutes the surroundings.
We run for each other
And yet remain stand-still
To seize views across, inside hearts.
We find ourselves in,
A poem without words,
A riddle without answer
And in a vision,
Without opening eyes.
We lose ourselves in,
A wordless dialogue,
A lipless kiss
And a touchless hug.
We are two rivers,
Meeting just for,
Few ticks of time.
A touch of happiness,
Creates ripples,
Across our souls.
Okay, this meeting will last,
For few blinks of eyes,
We know…
A part of me,
Will meet,
A part of you.
To part again,
We know… 
P.S. – This long poem is like river [hope you could feel (intended) twists and turns while reading] and will set the theme for the next part of “Two Rivers” about long distance love relationship and hints about the title of the story.