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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Two Rivers – Part – 3 [Zodiac Trouble, Love & Destiny]

To give a little background, let us first get to know about typical Aquarian girls like Shimmy and Scorpions guys like Ankush.

Aquarius Girl - Frank, Rational, Knowledgeable, Spreading wisdom of generations, Leader, Mysterious, Expect the unexpected, Unpredictable, Forgetful, Rebel; these are some quite contrasting qualities of an Aquarian girl. They are intuitive, could see future in their dreams and can give best advice or practical solutions to friends. Though soft/sweet spoken, friendly (lots of friends around with 0-1-2 close), contagious smile, warm but as no one can tie/enclose the free butterfly, they might surprise people by their frank opinions and deeds. They might discuss science in movie multiplex and movies at a science road show.

Caution: They might bump into someone frequently, as no one else (including them) can predict which way they are headed.

Scorpio Guy - Focused, Enigmatic, Determined and packed with prompt word-play/ humorous pick-up lines to send laughs as well as sometimes shame to the person opposite. It is always a spell-bounding fun, to watch a scorpion manager/coach/police/friend to give serious blows masked in instant humor. They usually walk like an army colonel going for a drill with balanced steps.

Caution: They could sneeze and laugh too hard, to rock the entire floor (yeah some typical scorpions had this specific built-in feature).

Year 2005 - 2008
5th July at the college corridor:-

Ankush and another scorpion Rajesh, were talking while stepping out from corridor.

“Ankush, you are a lucky man. Your father got posting in Chennai and you had a nice army quarter to stay with family too. I am badly missing my family. I want to go home. When is the Krishna Janmashtami?”
“Rajesh, do I look like a Calendar?”

“Of course, many people wanted to hang you, like that watchmen, me and that random girl too: D, hey, do you want a calendar to hang?” - Rajesh smirked while pointing randomly to other people.

“Ok, but when is 15th August?”- Rajesh asked again and both had a rocking spell of laughter.

“Excuse Me!!!” - Shimmy just crossed them by side.

Damn!!!! Many things happened in that next moment. Both scorpions were walking with deadly spells of laughter. And Shimmy the Aquarian girl, just turned back unexpectedly.


Shimmy bumped her head into Ankush’s head, with falling all along. In turn Rajesh also fell away from scene in slow motion.

“Sorry, very sorry, my sense of direction is too bad.” – Shimmy was tensed and apologetic.

“Well, that could be said about sense of our laughter too, so please don’t be.” – Rajesh murmured while standing on his feet.

“Oops, it seems now your sense of time will be bad too…is this your watch or now a “stop watch”?” – Ankush showed her broken and stopped watch.

Shimmy had a cute grin turning into a laugh. Rajesh and Ankush joined her too.

Shimmy & Ankush bumped into each other, lost in viewing each other and had a fall. The time was stopped at that moment. Whether they literally had a “fall” in love?


Yeah. After that incident Ankush & Shimmy became lunch-mates, class-mates, close friends and affectionate couple. They used to be together and their talks used to be long, engaging, smiling and both longed for meeting each other.

There were inexplicable vibes between the two, like if they knew each other from long time. Ankush used to feel her emotions, even she was not around. Shimmy too, used to predict exactly what Ankush would be wearing. Sometimes they did show up wearing same colors.

Both used to be amazed, while venting their heart-out, it seemed like a déjà-vu, like they knew it already but just cross-checking.

At college annual-day of second year, Ankush sang a song for her.

Ho Ho Maine Tujhe Dekha
Haste Hue Gaalon Mein, Bezar Khayalon Mein
Husn Ke Havaalon Mein,Soni Ke Baalon Mein
Morni Ki Chaalon Mein, Matti Ke Pyaalon Mein, Peetal Ke Thaalon Mein
Jitni Tu Milti Jaaye, Utni Lagey Thodi Thodi
Jab Bhi Tu Le Angdaayi, Aake Mil Ori
Toh Dil Jhoom Jhoom Chale Jhoom Jhoom Chale Soneya Soneya
Bachpan Ke Saavan Beetay, Ladakpan Ki Beeti Dhaara
Jab Mud Ke Dekha Peechay, Toh Chhoota Jeevan Saara
Phir Bhi Teri Aas Pakad Ke, Har Ik Din Guzaara Hai
[Teri Ik Nazar Pe Meri, Saans Ka Sahara Hai]
[Tumse Binti Karat Hoon Dil Todo Na Hamara]
[English Translation]
[Your one sight is the reason, for my every breath]
[It is my request, do not break my Heart]
Ankush was on knees, begging for love, on stage. He stopped, raised his hands and closed his wet eyes for few seconds as he thought of Shimmy and only Shimmy. Audience was stunned what happened and thought that he might felt blank. Ankush opened eyes and his eyes met with Shimmy’s kohl-tipped eyes, looking at him. He started singing again with new enthusiasm and completed the performance.

Ke Dil Jhoom Jhoom Chale Jhoom Jhoom Chale Soneya Soneya
Dil Jhoom Jhoom Chale Jhoom Jhoom Chale Soneya Soneya

“Whether she loves me as I love her?” – Ankush asked to Rajesh.

“You know your Aquarian girl could be unpredictable yet very choosey for selecting friends and soul-mate. I guess, she may propose you in unexpected moments and even with people around, if she wanted to. Man, you are the luckiest person in the world because an Aquarian girl loves you with heart and soul. Everyone else is sure about your chemistry, why not you both. What are you waiting for, why can’t you propose her in simple words?” – Rajesh tapped his shoulder, while showering words of wisdom.

“Let me wait, till my career options and goals are crystal clear!!!” – Ankush murmured.
Shimmy just joined them cheering – “What a song and yippee my favorite too, I love this song, your voice and…what is cooking, guys!!!!” – She stopped in between.

“Ankush wanted to say something to you!!!!” – Rajesh winked.

“Tell me, tell me!!!!” – Shimmy was curious.

“Ummm, nothing, just getting philosophical…when words fail, music speaks loudly!!!” – Ankush sighed.

“Jai Ho, 1008 Ankush Baba Ki Jai Ho” – Shimmy literally swirled like disciples of Ankush Baba and Rajesh joined it too. A spell of laughter followed.


Ankush-Shimmy, there was no single day at college, when this Jodi (couple) stood apart. They were like starry night and the moon, drenched earth and the monsoon. They were together and made for each other.

The time used to stop by when they were together and every other creature used to disappear around them. Yes, even friends of them, used to leave them talking with each other, quietly. Time was flying by and their enjoyable years of study too. Everyone else was sure they were in love but none of them confessed it yet, officially.

Year 2009, Final year

“You are looking beautiful today, more than ever, you seemed every other day. My eyes, my gaze, I could not take it off from your shimmering face. Ah, a glare hits me, just reflected from a tiny moist bead, at the corner of my eyes. I wish I could stop the time and hold you close, in my arms. The breeze, that plays with your hairlines, the haze in the winter morning, that fluttering butterfly, chirping birds of joy, swinging flowers and I, I am gonna miss you.”
“Umm hmm, oh my god, I love your eyes on me, when I look away. The bend of your eyes reveals a tinges of sparkle, when your gaze meets with mine. Is it a tear? I wish, I could hold you close and wrap my arms around you to catch it warm, on my shoulder. How could I say, I will miss the moments between you and me, and…of course you.”
A long whistle stirred the chain of thoughts and broken the silence between them.

“Just few days, see you. Bye, Bye! Take care!” – Shimmy waved her hands through window.


As Ankush turned back to hide face, within a moment, she hopped off from the train and tapped his shoulder. With a cute smile, she pressed her palms into his, before quickly boarding on the train.
Gentle winds touched and fluttered a pink handkerchief in his raised hand. His wet eyes were amazed to see beautiful letters carved in the corner of it, by hand – “With Love – Shimmy”.
“Shimmy, I Love You!!!! I Love You!!!! I Love You!!!!” – Ankush was shouting until train disappeared completely.
He watched the train leave, till it turned into a small dot, and then, nothing but a silence felt, within mumblings of crowd around.
With a painful sigh of separation and a twitch inside heart, Ankush left the platform. Ankush left the platform and his genuine smile left with her, until she meets again. Until she meets again, even laughing with friends leaves a twinge inside and he felt alone. No, He doesn’t feel alone as her thoughts escorted him everywhere and life goes on, until she meets again.

Yeah, until she meets again…soon love will find a way to meet them again.
Shimmy & Ankush received offer to join same public sector company of Haryana. They thought of it as their love and destiny found a way to stay together. Not yet. Destiny had something to surprises, always. Ankush heard news of Shimmy’s car accident. Few days, she was not back until 92 odd days. Both were worried, what was written in their destiny?

[To Be Continued]

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