What is White Matter

White matter is the brain tissue through which messages pass between different areas of grey matter within the nervous system. Using a computer network as an analogy, the grey matter can be thought of as the actual computers themselves, whereas the white matter represents the network cables connecting the computers together.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Housewife Awakenings: The Truth??

Do we see the reality or the obfuscate version of truth??
An intriguing short story, which will keep you thinking even after finishing it.

6:05 AM
Tananat Tananat Tananat Tananat Tananat Tananat

As usual, Suma dismissed the phone alarm in semi-sleep and saw the time with one eye open.
Soon the milkman, newspaper boy, sweeper and maid would appear at the door one by one and she also had to prepare tiffin for Sunil. She folded her quilt and glanced of him.

She couldn’t believe that she’d married a guy she loved a lot. Yet life today was stand-still and unromantic in second year of her marriage. Why?
Naughty hugs, love notes at places she can find, cute words repeating you are beautiful and I love you’ s. All long gone, sweet honeymoon year was over and second year also approaching to its end. He was not speaking much since past few days, as if hiding some secret or maybe he’d lost interest in her. An abrupt snoring broke her chain of thoughts. She adjusted her hairband and left to freshen up.

A sense of anxiety caught her. Her maid would be on leave for five days. It certainly was not a good start of the day.
Milk, tea and a frying pan were each on the three burner cooking hob while she was chopping a tomato. Multiple things happened almost at the same time. As the index finger of her left hand suffered an accidental cut, warm blood gushed out while the doorbell rang at the same time. She washed her finger hastily and ran towards the door, trying to reduce the pain in her finger by sucking it. The Sweeper was standing outside. After emptying the dustbin as she closed the door, she screamed out in pain. Her toe had twisted while keeping her foot away from shoes on the floor. Sunil had forgotten to keep them inside the shoe-rack. What the hell, these men will never learn, how to keep things tidy, she cursed!

Limping, she inched towards kitchen. The scene was scary. The milk was flowing outside pot and the seasoning in the frying pan engulfed with smoke.
6:15 AM

Tananat Tananat Tananat Tananat Tananat Tananat
Suma felt sweat on her forehead and thanked god. It was just a dream.

She adjusted her hairband and left to freshen up. She put milk, tea and the frying pan with seasoning each on three burner cooking hob. Unknowingly she had taken out tomatoes on the cutting board, but she was being cautious. The doorbell rang. She dimmed the flame of all three burners and left towards the door. She removed the shoes from her way and opened the door. The Sweeper was standing outside. She emptied the dustbin and closed the door. Peace.
Sunil got up and left for a bath. She went to Sunil’s cupboard to take his tie, shirt and trouser. Something grabbed her interest, the swollen pocket of yesterday’s trouser. It contained tour details and receipt for couple massage package of a honeymoon suite booked in Goa. It was in the name of Mr. & Mrs. Sunil Mehta for this weekend. She could have danced and whistled for this surprise trip, but a honeyed smell of girlish perfume, emanated from his white shirt. It seemed as though a few drops of it was scattered all over his shirt. It definitely wasn’t a scent she was familiar. It could mean only one thing. Her suspicion might be true, after all. A drop of tear rolled down her face but she wanted to know the truth from the horse’s mouth.

A moment later, Sunil was out, rubbing his hair, with a Turkish towel.
“This weekend, I have to go on a business trip to Mumbai. I am going with my Boss and his PA.”

“How old is she?”
“She??? He is 50 years old.”

“No, I’m not talking about boss, about his PA.”

“Oh yes, Sarah, she is very young, in her late fifties. Ha-ha. Why you are asking, at first place? Don’t be a jealous and a suspicious wife. Trust me.”
He got ready and left for office. Suma’s mind was turbulent, filled with grief and utter sadness. He had lied to her - it was plain and clear. She thought of packing her bags and leaving him immediately. She was particular about keeping her clothes tidy and always prepared for any occasion but this. Her cupboard was well arranged according to types of clothes, but something felt mistaken. On careful inspection she realized that her only silk night dress was missing. It was not there in Sunil’s cupboard too. Soon she found it in a bag inside the suitcase that he had packed for the weekend trip, fully soaked with perfume, the same one that she found on his shirt earlier. She now was sure.

Packing her bags, she saw a new nebulizer cartridge, on the dressing table. She remembered he had said that his nebulizer almost empty. Out of love, despite her broken heart, her hands crawled towards car-keys but she stepped back, thinking he deserved some pain.
Few hours later, there was a call from Sunil’s office that he’d fainted and was in ICU.

At the ICU:
“Suma, it is time, I know. I don’t want to leave you. I Love you so much.”

“Love?  You lied to me. I hate you. I have seen all receipts of tour, massage and above all, that perfume on your shirt.”
“Oh, Suma, Damn! This weekend we were about to celebrate our second anniversary. That was a surprise tour and perfume was spilled over my shirt, at shop.”

“What about my night dress soaked in same perfume?” – Suma asked in disbelief.
“It splashed on the night dress too, which I was holding in hand for size check, to buy a new one. The bag is still there with new packed night dress and perfume bottle. Tell me, you had not checked it.”

His teary eyes rolled upwards, stared at roof and came to stand-still forever.
A lightning struck in her heart and rain followed, a loud cry within.

6:25 AM
Tananat Tananat Tananat Tananat Tananat Tananat

She was totally drenched into sweat but she thanked God. It was just a dream again.
She pecked a kiss on Sunil’s forehead and he hugged her tight.

“I must go, need to prepare tiffin” – She got up from bed and started her day again as a dutiful and a proud wife.
While he was at bathroom, she found all things at same place and in same way as her dream. She nodded on his white lie and reminded him to take new cartridge for nebulizer.

Sunil was surprised to see her happy face, when she kissed him saying the most beautiful words.
“I Love You”

He left for office with a happy mood.
Few hours later, the doorbell rang.

Her ex-boyfriend was standing there.
6:35 AM

Tananat Tananat Tananat Tananat Tananat Tananat
“You will be getting late. Wake up for god sake!!!”

“I am awake, it is you, snoozing alarm in every 10 minutes.”
6:45 AM

Tananat Tananat Tananat Tananat Tananat Tananat
“Somebody stop that damn alarm, it’s a crazy weekend.”

“The sweeper is at the door. Please open the door and give him damn garbage.”
6:55 AM

Tananat Tananat Tananat Tananat Tananat Tananat
In deep-sleep, Sunil smirked, inside a private honeymoon suite at Goa.

"Dreams are the door to reality or another obfuscate version of truth."

***The End***
PS - A very special thanks, to Amogha, for editing and grammar corrections :)
PPS - I'd taken a concept of lucid dreaming with end(s) to be guessed/perceived by readers. An experiment though, let me know if I am successful.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

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The Meeting - The Two Rivers Theme Poem

Two Rivers - The Meeting
By Anand Tambey
We are two rivers.
We run in parallel…
Yet apart.
We foster,
The land beneath,
Our owned part of earth,
Along the way.
We make,
Our own independent ways,
Be it uneven stones,
And the terrain.
We fight our own battles,
With a hope inside,
Maybe someday,
We will meet.
We are two hopeful rivers.
And a forking canal,
Makes up the way to another.
We see each other
And smileJ
A part of me,
Meets a part of you.
We are two rivers,
Who meet each other,
As canals.
We talk too much
And yet talks remain incomplete.
Our words tell different stories,
And yet eyes alone, do the talking.
Our heartbeats speak aloud
And yet it mutes the surroundings.
We run for each other
And yet remain stand-still
To seize views across, inside hearts.
We find ourselves in,
A poem without words,
A riddle without answer
And in a vision,
Without opening eyes.
We lose ourselves in,
A wordless dialogue,
A lipless kiss
And a touchless hug.
We are two rivers,
Meeting just for,
Few ticks of time.
A touch of happiness,
Creates ripples,
Across our souls.
Okay, this meeting will last,
For few blinks of eyes,
We know…
A part of me,
Will meet,
A part of you.
To part again,
We know… 
P.S. – This long poem is like river [hope you could feel (intended) twists and turns while reading] and will set the theme for the next part of “Two Rivers” about long distance love relationship and hints about the title of the story. 

Two Rivers – Part – 4 [Truly Madly Deeply - Shimmy's Viewpoint]

Radha interrupted her mom, Shimmy – “Mom, I could only relate that soulful song, papa performed. Everything else might be some other story, some other characters, but not you both.”

Shimmy winked – “That’s like my girl. You caught a wicked storyteller. Yes, I wished my four years of engineering should have passed happily ever after like a fairy tale. I told this version of story because it is a good story. In reality, something more complicated, more painful and more emotional was written in our destiny.”

“Let me tell you true story of us, again from the start of college days.”

Year 2005 – 2009

Third day at college (my 1st day):-

There is always someone, like know-it-all types and who enhances your JK (Jabaran Knowledge). Akruti, my roommate, was a kind of it.

In the middle of 2nd lecture she asked me.

“Whom do you find the most handsome boy in the class?”

Blushed and embarrassed, I told her to concentrate on lecture. But she laughed and kept poking her elbow.

“Come on, tell me!!!”

“Okay, who is the most intelligent guy?” – I asked with a sheepish smile.

She pointed to a boy at backside, sincerely listening to the lecture, Amod from AP. I agreed just to make her happy, that he is the most handsome guy.

“Yuppie!!! Now you are sure about Amod, don’t even dare to touch my dream boy…” – Akruti Winked.

“How mean!!! Who is that one?”

“No, he didn’t show up today. He is the topper, very handsome and decent guy. All girls like him. The saddest part is, he doesn’t even talk to any girl.”

“Okay, it’s fine, I won’t even look at your boy and you can take Amod too.”

We both laughed and left for break.


Fifth day of college, I was late and in fact, the last one to enter in the class.

There he was, on the 2nd bench, next to ours. I could match the description told by Akruti.

I didn’t know what happened in that moment exactly. Even an entire life-time, would fall short to describe that single moment. Though he did not appear that handsome to me, but there was something, a strong connection I felt, that I knew and met him before. Not just years, decades but centuries before.

I felt a gush of blood, running behind my ears, creating a tingling sensation. My heartbeats were fast enough to cover the distance between earth and the sky, as in one tick, I felt cloud nine and green bed of earth, with another tick. My heart had sudden surge of uncomfortable feelings and the brain was full of confusion. I was neither happy nor excited and neither sad nor relaxed. I was not attracted to him, yet invisible strings were taking me towards him. What was it? What kind of feeling I had for him? I did not have answers, just perpetual questions?

I silently sat on my seat, with whirls of turbulence, in my mind. Akruti was right, he didn’t even look at me, entire day.

The days and months were passing like scratches on the glass, my discomfort was increasing day by day. Every time I saw him, I felt like asking him, why do I feel for you? I was very scared of him, as he didn’t even smile at anyone. The first thing my eyes used to search in entire class, was him. I used to feel alone, in his absence. I never disclosed my feelings to anyone, as even I was not sure of my feelings to him.

Nothing happened so far.

We completed one year, without even casual Hi-Hello.


In the 2nd year, I’d started taking data structures and C++ class as our professor was not available and I was able to teach because I’d completed those languages long back.

Students in our class were impressed by my teaching skills and started approaching me for clearing their doubts. This is when, the only friend of Ankush's, Manish came to me, for asking doubts. Manish asked me to become his friend as he was planning to do a project requiring C++ knowledge. I said him yes, without giving second thought. I thought, maybe I will come to know about Ankush from him.

Ankush was local to Chennai. He used to come by bus and travel back the moment lectures were over.

Manish and I used to stay back after classes to discuss about the project and study. Ankush never entertained us. I was getting very impatient. More I tried to come near him, more indifferent he behaved.


At college annual-day of second year, Ankush sang a song (I was unaware, that it was for me).

Ho Ho Maine Tujhe Dekha
Haste Hue Gaalon Mein, Bezar Khayalon Mein
Husn Ke Havaalon Mein,Soni Ke Baalon Mein
Morni Ki Chaalon Mein, Matti Ke Pyaalon Mein, Peetal Ke Thaalon Mein
Jitni Tu Milti Jaaye, Utni Lagey Thodi Thodi
Jab Bhi Tu Le Angdaayi, Aake Mil Ori
Toh Dil Jhoom Jhoom Chale Jhoom Jhoom Chale Soneya Soneya
Bachpan Ke Saavan Beetay, Ladakpan Ki Beeti Dhaara
Jab Mud Ke Dekha Peechay, Toh Chhoota Jeevan Saara
Phir Bhi Teri Aas Pakad Ke, Har Ik Din Guzaara Hai
[Teri Ik Nazar Pe Meri, Saans Ka Sahara Hai]
[Tumse Binti Karat Hoon Dil Todo Na Hamara]
[English Translation]
[Your one sight is the reason, for my every breath]
[It is my request, do not break my Heart]
Ankush was on knees, begging for love, on stage. He stopped, raised his hands and closed his wet eyes for few seconds. Audience was stunned what happened and thought that he might felt blank. Ankush opened eyes and his eyes met with my kohl-tipped eyes, looking at him, obviously. He started singing again with new enthusiasm and completed the performance.

Ke Dil Jhoom Jhoom Chale Jhoom Jhoom Chale Soneya Soneya
Dil Jhoom Jhoom Chale Jhoom Jhoom Chale Soneya Soneya


I didn’t realize, when I'd started feeling obsessed for him. In the dreams and in the mirror, I used to see him, smiling at me. I couldn’t believe, when I could see him everywhere, literally. Every time I saw poster of Vivekananda at my room, I saw his face, in it.

I was in love, truly, madly and deeply. I was so lost in my feelings for him that I didn't realize that Manish came to know about it. When we both used to study, half of the time I talked about Ankush, his songs, how he plays guitar, his sincerity, his brilliance in study and what not.

It was our 3rd year and one fine day, Manish asked me:-

“Shimmy, it is very evident that you like, in fact love, Ankush a lot, why don’t you tell him?”

I was surprised, shy and with mixed feeling I said:-

“Manish, it is nothing like that, please stay out of it!!!”

I was so afraid that what could happen if Manish tells it to him and guess what, he did. When exactly, I didn’t know.


Finally the 4th year started...

Final year project was the most important thing and everyone was forming group of three to start the project.

Manish and I were good friends by then. He asked me to become his project partner.

“Who will be our third partner?” – I asked.

“Of course Ankush” – Manish replied.

I was filled with joy inside but managed to hide from him.

Finally after waiting so long we had to work together. He used to sit next to me. I still don’t remember what I did in the project. I was so busy staring at him and still managed to hide from him. Sometimes I used to get caught and he used to give me blank stare.

Those were the best days of my life. 8 hours of a day were so less for me to spend with him. Boring college suddenly turned into best place on the planet. Though he never looked at me with love, I was happy.

We did talk but it was only about 'ICs...Chips...all electronics'.

This time spent and memories were enough for me, to spend rest of my life.

I was in love, unconditional and pure.


Year 2009 – 2011

Last semester came and flied away.

On my very last day in Chennai, I was sad and tears were unstoppable. Not because I was leaving the place where I was for 4 long years but because I knew I will never be able to see him.

We were not even good friends. A part of me wanted to ask him, why?

After thinking a lot, I messaged him.

“Hi Ankush, I am leaving...probably we will never meet. All the best... Bye”

I sat on the floor and cried for long, until it was time to wrap up and catch the train. On the train, I was standing near the gate for 4-5 hours, waiting for his reply because signal was weak inside train.

Finally, I got a message: - ''Yes, all the very best to you too”.

We ended there. An emptiness was growing inside me.


I came back to my home town. He was always with me in my dreams and in my thoughts, in my tears and in my smile. His memories were so strong and fresh, that I never felt we were not together.

It was one long year that passed without knowing his whereabouts. I didn't know where he went after college.

Was he still single? Was he even alive?

I joined Infosys and on Diwali holiday I was at my home. I received a mail on my Gmail. Guess what!!! It was him, Ankush.

He asked for my cell number. I could not believe my eyes and read the mail zillion times.

I danced around the house, sang songs out loud and hugged my mother & sister for no reason.

I gave him my number and he called up. He asked if we can be friends. Tears rolled down my eyes and I said yes.

After 5 long years, Radha!!! I can’t tell the beauty of that moment, I felt alive. I was back. Happy girl…

We talked about his new government job at Haryana, of course he waited for right time, till he settled down. Then one sweet day in February’2011, Ankush proposed me for marriage.

Still we were thousand miles apart. He was at Haryana & my posting was at Maharashtra.

Earlier our enemy was time and feelings untold. Now it was the distance and opposition from my family, bearing to his cast.

 [To Be Continued]