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White matter is the brain tissue through which messages pass between different areas of grey matter within the nervous system. Using a computer network as an analogy, the grey matter can be thought of as the actual computers themselves, whereas the white matter represents the network cables connecting the computers together.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Zoomed Out !!!

5:05 PM
I cursed myself, while walking around a narrow path at Great Himalayan Trek. Though it was my dream come true, well not that I wanted to become sadhu or sage at this young age of thirties: P, but to shoot the nature at its best. My hands shivered, jaws felt frozen and yet my heart was pounding with excitement to shoot that awesome creature made out of ice. Aha, why don’t we take lessons of creativity from our mother nature, like this one? Seven feet tall, half men and half beast like upper part. Every details of face of beast carved nicely into ice. Big and sharp edged ears, open mouth with jagged teeth and the eyes, whoa, vertical eyes, never seen before. There was something wrong about hands, seven long fingers clenched as fist and a finger pinned inside palm like an office pin, i.e. middle part inside palm and the edges outside.
I was proud to bring my new optical zoom lenses, to cover the smallest details of this scary creature. However once I moved my focus to his vertical eyes, something terrible happened below my feet. I stepped on a loose stone and almost slipped towards deep down valley. I clutched a stone with one hand while slipping down, but the grip was slack and I left my camera hanging onto my neck strap below my belly, while grabbing another stone with both hands. Woof, soon my friend came and helped me to come out of the tip of valley. I was saved but my precious and proud lens mutilated completely. The trek ended with RIP to my camera lenses.
On the priority, I browsed through sites for similar lenses. The new lenses in same price range had wider apertures but less optical zoom, not much of my use, so I thought of checking E-bay to buy a same one but second hand. I found a similar one with very weird price tag 5:05 must be a serious mistake of formatting, on website. There was a camera icon, which I clicked to expect an image of lenses. Instead it opened an image capture screen via front web cam with a message “smile please for now”. I smiled as instructed; the software clicked a smile shot and submitted to site via dizzy animation.CopyRightAnandTambey
I realized my wrist watch shown time as “5:05”. The screen went to blue screen of death, hell windows 7, why I didn’t listen to Rajesh’s suggestions to install Linux. Five minutes passed and in desperation, I restarted the laptop. No luck and time was still “5:05”.Hot waves of air, past my 4 windows, changed into chilly breeze. I stepped towards window, limping as my feet frozen and felt sudden numbness in my varicose veins. I started clenching my fist in despair, only to see 2 extra fingers grown with one finger piercing inside palm and soon came out like an office pin. It was freezing cold inside my bedroom and I was turning into that monster in ice, literally. But somehow I had to act quickly and I did. I set my own bedroom on fire, with taking out my lighter from breast pocket and boom.
The time was still “5:05”; I was totally drenched into sweat bath. It was a bad dream indeed, setting bedroom on fire and me changing into icy beast. The laptop screen was wide open at screen capture with a message “smile please for now”. I smiled but I was zoomed out at screen, getting far away inside. In anguish I clicked on plus side of bar to zoom in. I don’t know how many time I clicked it as the screen was showing the area of my eyes, weird and turned into vertical for a second. I clicked it once more, the next second I felt stretching and rotating sensation around my eyes. My eyes had now same orientation of my image on screen. I clicked on minus side of bar and started zooming out. As my face zoomed out on screen, a devil force pushed me out of the wall, flawlessly penetrating many walls of buildings surrounding my home. Feeling despondent, I was pulled into a dark valley and towards the monster creature, the known location of Himalayas.
The time was “5:05”. I was shivering inside my quilt and the laptop screen was open with e-bay site showing a second hand lenses with a weird price tag.

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