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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Devil Particle!

Part-1 - Puzzle-O-Weird!

Is this a start or ending of something? The series of spectacular yet disastrous events happening all over the world, is there a common thread? A riddle perhaps!


If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question?
If the God Is the Answer, What Is the Question?
The existence of someone; without me, can take pride?
I belong to body of all; why do you think me as dark side?
You say let there be light!
I say let there be light!

Detective Rita Mayer was surprised to see this hoax mail forwarded to all of the top-notch officials.

“What the hell, another riddle? Let me call Andy.”


Part-2 - Lost Eight At Eight!

Mountain View, California
SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) Headquarter
8 PM

Day 0

“Seth, Can I borrow your shades?” – Uma yelled.
“Inside lab? Whoa, Uma is getting eshstyle statement! Take it from my desk.” – Seth chuckled.
 “Lori! Damn it, So much illumination around Neptune, what is happening? Come on!”
“What!” – Lori stunned to see images on the screen.
“Whoa, its shape is widening pretty fast too! Light in the dark universe! Let me reduce focus.” – Uma hit left arrow key in hurry.
“What! You reduced it too much; it is dark out there, again.” – Lori came near Uma to see the settings.
“Nope, I didn’t”
“Pan left, now right! Nothing!”
“Pan up, up, down now! Nothing!”
“We lost Neptune! The 8th planet:|”

A silence prevailed for a minute with blanked out faces. Soon the news hit all over the world with smashing headlines.

“The end is near! Lost Eight At Eight!”


Day 1
Mercury is gone.

Day 7
Saturn is gone.

In the next 7 days, universe lost Mercury (1st) and Saturn (6th) planet too. Astrologers were not happy at all, main source of reaping money and grown up fear in people gone, especially Saturn and Neptune.

Our universe is shrinking. The doomsday is near. The temples, churches and mosques were full house. The postponed marriages and proposal(s) saw the light of the day. Saying “I Love you” and “I do” is no more procrastinated now. The sinners were taking oath of leaving all bad karmas. Good people were calm and praying. Mediocre/Atheist ones still doubted it, went on with their normal routine and taken it easy.

Part-3 – The Spiral-O-Message!

[*Interstellar – In astronomy, the interstellar medium (or ISM) is the matter that exists in the space between the star systems in a galaxy.]

Douglas Vakoch (Director of *interstellar message composition team at SETI) worked overnight and dozed off on his seat with headphones on. His research is around cosmic sounds of wavelengths not audible for humans. His current research involved sounds between rings of Saturn and its moons.

He woke up at 6 AM due to loud quirking sounds. During the loss of Saturn, his sound graph recorded nearest sound of letter O and patterns of spiral converging into zero. Just before Saturn is gone, the spiral slowed down and looked like rotating 6, 9, d or P. And there was nothing after it.

Alessandra confirmed an abundance of a specific element on Saturn, during illuminated destruction phase.

Few hours later, team of Douglas heard the sounds of different letters in particular known pattern and amazingly forming words, between Earth and the moon.

“If the Universe Is the Answer… I say let there be light!”


 [*Nile River in Africa flows through nine countries. One important role from the Nile is the ability to produce fertile soil]

The next 7 days, nothing happened so far, except on media. But happiness was short-lived.

The plants around the *Nile river, across Africa, started dying. A weird phenomena observed in highly fertile soil containing excess of a specific element, responsible for this havoc. Though it made news around the world, but no one noticed the signs of death approaching slowly to planet earth.

Day 14
Uranus (7th planet) is gone.

Day 19
Our guru, biggy, Jupiter (5th planet) is gone too.

Part-4 – Doomed All The Way!
Day 22

“Mercy! Lord! Mercy!”

Ronny, 25 years old, had a deep pain in the spine. His neck was stiffened. His bowel already was empty above empty, with strangling of intestines within. Severe diarrhea and kidney failure made him unable to even walk. But hyperactivity of the nerves kept him trembling and moving on knees. His childhood was back and he was unable to walk. The next step was a disaster; all his bones ruptured. A painful death!

He was not alone on earth experiencing this. Most of the people were on a way to painful death, those who had not chosen mercy death or suicide. Though there were kids and pregnant women away from pain and death.

Finally a bright illumination gulped whole of the earth. All over! A Blank space filled where the earth was.

Mars (4th Planet), Pluto (9th Planet) & Venus (2nd Planet) disappeared in next few days.


Day 21 (Day before Doomsday)

It is a festival and partying mood all around the earth. The festival of deep bonding and relationship was on. Though doomsday was approaching, but people opted for enjoying their remaining days with their love, friends and family.

Trafalgar Square, London had the biggest of its bash. All the couples were synchronizing their steps with a romantic ballroom soundtrack "I will love you for the Thousand Years" of Glee Cast song.

Roger, Andy and other males held their loved one with hand slipping around waist. That night was eternal. There were lots of smiles and tears for being together for the last time. The couples were not only dancing very close together, but their souls were dancing too, like a firefly, in the dim light of love.

“Till death do us part!”

Part-5 – The Devil Particle - Demystified!

Day 20

Mountain View, California
SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) Headquarter

Author Andy a.k.a. Anand, Detective Rita (+1), Detective Roger her husband and team of scientists/directors were in a video conference. And yes, politicians and government officials were not invited.

Jill quickly summarized the status quo of planets, only 4 left including earth and weird-O-message/audio graph of interstellar sound before losing Saturn. The Planets lost after illumination and disappeared as if nothing was there! Nearby galaxies also reported the same and found shrinking. The inexplicable truth, the universe is shrinking and galaxies far away earlier, getting close to our galaxy to take our space. Even though we are sure life exists in other galaxy somewhere, we cannot even think to transport our limited population as destruction is unpredictable and we do not know how much time is left with us.

Andy was busy, scribbling the numbers and calculations on his iPad.

“Three days to go! We are next! ” – Andy mumbled loud enough to be heard in a pin-drop silence. Andy explained it later to a stunned audience.

Day 0 - Planet 8Neptune
Day 1 - Planet 1(Day 0 + 1) – Mercury
Day 7 - Planet 6 (Day 1 + 6) – Saturn
Day 14 - Planet 7 (Day 7 + 7) – Uranus
Day 19 - Planet 5 (Day 14 + 5) – Jupiter
Day 22 - Planet 3 (Day 19 + 3) – Earth
Day 26 - Planet 4 (Day 22 + 4) – Mars
Day 35 - Planet 9 (Day 26 + 9) – Pluto
Day 37 - Planet 2 (Day 35 + 2) – Venus

“It follows a magical pattern and symmetry in numbers around 5, summing up 10. Finally, it forms a magic square of order 3 with sum 15, in every row, column and diagonal! The ultimate & eternal symmetry within 9 numbers and 9 planets!”

“There is a light at the end! But that is the light of the devil particle! The 13th Element discovered with atomic number 15. Luminous Phosphorus (P)! It forms almost 80% of human body and esp. bones. It is used in all kinds of explosives, napalm and biotic weapons i.e. nerve agents. The devil particle, it is not the darker side of us but the burning & illuminated side, if its balance within body is shaken.”

“This explains the death of plants, near river Nile, excess of fertile phosphorus.”

“Hard to say it, we never acted on that news and now phosphorus is silently multiplying within rivers, water, body and finally in the environment.”

“You are damn correct! Today, the tribe and population near Nile, reported series of deaths out of severe diarrhea, stiffened nerves, hyperactivity, bone fractures and out of the blue kidney failures. But surprisingly pregnant women and kids/teens below age 15, saved from it.” – Jill replied in quivering voice.

Rita patted her unborn baby, with tears in her eyes. Even Roger couldn't stop a drop of tear.

Andy had a lump in throat while saying this.

“We might save people by prescribing medicine to slow down and nullify phosphorus content in the body, but only until ultimate destruction of the earth.”

“The only silver line will be realization of mankind, about importance of relationships, love and friendship and all about living the days lively with near and dear ones, irrespective of any doomsday. Life is teaching it us now in hard way. Togetherness is bliss and wished it could have come without ending of our days.”

“Let us enjoy all our days now as if it is our last.”



Rita opened her eyes and looked around. A cute and sweet baby girl is stroking her hairs with twinkling in her eyes. She embraced her with tears of joy. There was a cheerful lady in white dress with LED nameplate showing Ursa D1.

“Ursa, where am I?”

“TR-1515, don’t worry! You are from 3rd planet of G-1 and in a refugee camp of Draco, in G-15 galaxy!”

Though her lips were not in sync, probably a translated voice was coming from her mouth.

“T-What, my name is Rita Mayer, Madam!”

“Okay! Rita, that’s a cute baby girl!”

“Rosaline, her name is Rosaline!” – Rita remembered Roger giving that name to unborn.

A 6 feet tall, lean and cheerful guy greeted Rita.

“Do you know me? Look your bewildered face; do you need a glass of water?”


“I am AT-15, a writer & research scientist for searching and analyzing life in space. You have been brought from G-1 Galaxy as a living sample, as that was about to destroy.”

“It *was* Milky Way Galaxy for us.”

“Hey AT! Let her take rest. Just today morning, she delivered a cute baby girl under my supervision.” – A familiar face popped up behind AT, tapping him on shoulder.

“Roger!” – Rita fainted with a grinning face.

***THE END***

PS - The institute *SETI, the names of scientists and their area of working are real. Rest of all is fiction.

All rights reserved © Anand Tambey - No part should be reproduced,modified and distributed without written permission of author.

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