What is White Matter

White matter is the brain tissue through which messages pass between different areas of grey matter within the nervous system. Using a computer network as an analogy, the grey matter can be thought of as the actual computers themselves, whereas the white matter represents the network cables connecting the computers together.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I believe, I can Fly!

Oh, it is drizzling outside, let me wear a raincoat. Wow! I am now surrounded by sparkling golden dust. I stretched my arms and put a wide grin on my face; it is necessary. Where am I now? In a different world perhaps as my feet lifted up in air. 

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I am flying! Let me balance myself in the air. Oops, I am upside down, now. Oh, my god! Footprints on wall and ceilings in my room, what people would think of me? I gave a little swirl and flew outside the window, enjoying raindrops on my face. A sweet fragrance of soil stroked my nostrils made me glide with more push.

Simran mausi just parked her scooter outside our building.

I waved her – “Bye, Mausi.”

“Fly back soon, dear!” – And she fainted with surprise.

Idea!!! Let me move above the clouds; it might be dry enough to fly. Yeah, wow, soft cotton bolls with the lightning inside like a diamond. I am above office now, what a picturesque landscape with indigo, pink and white flowers. I could remember the beautiful wooden footbridge surrounded by greenery, where we had taken our snaps. The earth looks gorgeous in green saree, wearing diamonds and pearls of drops, with flowers tucked in beautiful hairs. I love rain.

I had taken the size of tiny butterfly now. I could see you now, walking on an internal pathway, moving sadly towards your desk. Oh, why I had a fight with you in the morning. I shouted at you too.

Working on your desk, in between spells of work, you are staring at my sketch with teary eyes. Remember we got that sketch in Shilparamam Crafts Village, Hyderabad. You love me so much, don’t you? On lunch, with your friends, I could hear everything you say sitting behind your new style of hair, spikes! How you are laughing with narrating my stories and how you are trying to hide-n-wipe that tear in the core of eyes, turning head sideways. I am sure you will never forget me, even a second.

You are now packing up the bag and moving outside slowly towards parking. I came back to my normal size & you looked above.

“Avani, Is that you? Are you flying? How could that be?”- Aman had multiple questions without blinking eyes.

“Papa, you said fairies are not real. I met with Tinker-bell, a fairy from Pixie-Hollow. She sprinkled golden pixie dust to make me fly. Whoa! Do you want to fly back home? Yes, come with me!”

I held his warm hands, and we were on our way back, flying.


“Papa, I am sorry. I am not angry with you, now. I Love you.”

“I Love you too, my piece of heart!”

A sweet noise of smooching and wet feel on forehead, cheeks & chin woke me up. I kissed him on the nose, my way of showing love.

“Papa, I Love you! You know you were flying with me, Wow, Fairies are real.”

“Me too! O, Sweetie! Fairies again! Who said, you cannot fly?”

Soon I was in the air again, above the bed and roaming inside the house like a bird. Aman held me up resting on his shoulder.


I am flying again.

PS – “Tinker Bell & Great Fairy Rescue,” a Disney Pixar Fairy Studio animation movie, engrossed my daughter and me while watching it together. If you are a Father & have a daughter OR to-be-fathers, wish to have a daughter, OR you are a Princess of a father (no matter how old are you), a must watch to take you into a fantasy world of fairies. You may relate, get emotional and enjoy this story more, feel the same when I’d written it.