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White matter is the brain tissue through which messages pass between different areas of grey matter within the nervous system. Using a computer network as an analogy, the grey matter can be thought of as the actual computers themselves, whereas the white matter represents the network cables connecting the computers together.

Friday, June 29, 2012

The Justice - in Time

Part 1 – Fire to Kill Fire
July 7th 2005, London
“Bye, Darling!!! See you at Trafalgar Square @ 6!!” – Jessica floated a kiss towards Steve, her husband. She glided towards the underground tube, to reach her new office and prestigious first job.
Two souls knew it; many citizens including Jessica are in grave danger. Both should act fast to save city from destruction. They stepped out from a snow-white* and headed towards Warren Street.
House #7A, #4B, #6C & #5D
Warren Street
Four violent blasts, same time, all four flats surrounded by fire. Four young students found gutted in their respective flats. Police suspected reason of fire as short circuit near study desk/PC.
Detective Rita Mayer was able to understand first part of the message she found on her whiteboard, now.
"We’d put the rascals on fire. The fire extinguished under the earth."
Part 2 – Time of my Life
5th May 2005
Jessica is playing with a strand of curly brown hairs, in deep thoughts of past. How could a young blonde attracted to a scientist, a geek? Surely Steve was. But two things were special about him. First, he has a charming wit, the way he proposed, read her mind and kept her in happy mood, no matter the seriousness of issues around. Second, he has always loved her and never felt shy to let her know it.
She still felt a current in her veins, to remember the day, when Steve had proposed her.
5th March 2005 at Hungry Horse Restaurant:
“Can I take your order, Sir!!!?” – Waiter asked.
“Okay, pasta cannelloni for me!” – Steve said & looked at Jessica.
“Me too” – Jessica nodded, wondering how he can read her mind.
“And lasagne al forno & Béchamel sauce”
“Me too”
“And orange juice for me [Pause] with Vodka”
“Me too”
“Hey, I Love you!!!” – Steve said with looking deeply into her eyes.
“Me too, Oh” – Jessica’s cheeks turned red, realizing what she just said.
“Hey, Really…?? I Love you!!!” – Steve asked again with his charming voice.
Jessica found an ocean of love in his singing voice and eyes. She held his hand with a cute grin.
Waiters and People around their table stood up and clapped as Steve kneeled down and kissed her hand.
Coming out of sweet memories, Jessica, in wedding gown, put her steps forward to marry with her love, Steve.
5th July 2005
St. Paul Cathedral
Steve invited Jessica to his workplace, a secluded space below St. Paul Cathedral. He is about to show her a surprise, an invention he described as snow-white, the code name.
Happy and singing Steve drove her to that place. The only song he played in loop with singing along – “Time of my life” and almost dancing inside the car. “So Cute!!!” - Jessica thought.
“Allow me!!!” – Steve opened the door of his BMW, in his usual dramatic way.
At the basement, snow-white* stood tall and gigantic, waiting for the command from her boss, Steve.
Part 3 – Only Time will Tell
A tall, black and gigantic screen with tiny holes, stood in front of electromagnetic equipment. There is a revolving center stage, a control unit of 2 glass monitors and PC opposite to snow-white.
Steve pointed to a place on map of London on touch screen. Trafalgar Square, July 3rd, 2005 appeared on the adjacent screen with a glowing “Start Feed” sign.
“Go Baby Go” – Steve instructed her with a voice command.
The tiny holes on snow-white illuminated and started forming an image on centre stage. The image was little blurred like foreground of snowfall, but the people and places appeared pretty clear.
“Snow-white, Apt name though” – Jessica thought with excitement catching on her nerves.
Trafalgar Square, July 3rd, 2005, Sunday BST 18:00, Scissor Sisters – a Newyork pop band performance at Trafalgar Square appeared on the image. Suddenly there was a sound of air pistol in the 5th row and a chaos afterwards. Steve quickly enlarged that area and set focus on the culprit, a young man with hood on.
“Follow him” – Steve instructed on voice.
“Wow!!!!” – Jessica realized, it is not at all footage of CCTV, it is damn real and images of past like a motion picture. That young man disappeared in crowd for police but not for snow-white, until he reached at House #5E, Wilkinson Street.
“Now, that person is behind the bars, because of snow-white, an invention of the century” – Steve held Nobel Prize in his hand and waved hands to audience, imaginative though.
“The time, 4th dimension, invisible to us yet prominent, however snow-white can show it.  How? A simple principle, our vision exists because of light, travelling fast at speed unattainable for human. What if any transparent medium can slowdown the speed of light in human terms, in days or even a year?
Then you will be actually looking into past, that is exactly done by snow-white. It creates a shield or rather door to past, by chemical reaction between elements of air using electromagnetic waves. The view you see on centre stage, is the projection of it.” – Steve mentioned.
“You said it is a door to past. Can I go across?” – Jessica asked, spell-bounded and curious.
Steve pushed a lever to start rotation of stage and glass-like image. Two different moving images appeared on both sides, with a glowing snowfall foreground.
“Yes and No. Well, it is a transparent and invisible door between present and past.  But nature’s law prevails; you cannot go to your past, without being dead and leaving the existing soul. There cannot be two living bodies for one soul, anytime.
Moreover you will leave the current timeline and happenings of events. There will be a new timeline forked with its own happenings and events, never able to meet earlier timeline in this universe, as if it never existed. Whoa!!!
Do not worry, but why we have to do that?” – Steve expressed with a caution.
“Hmm!!!” – Jessica mumbled.
“Well, I am thinking of going into past and I will” – Steve chuckled and moved his steps towards stage.
“Me too!!! Do you remember our memorable day? You go and I will go too.” – Jessica held his hand tightly.
“Just kidding, Jessica!!!” – Steve started laughing. Jessica joined him, with hiding her face into his chest.
5th July 2005
Warren Street
Four young students were waiting for the BIG command. They’d to act together for a BIG cause and for faith in their leader. A clandestine mission of disrupting the city of dreams was on cards. With the advancement of internet, it was so easy to gather all information about sensitive spots and security loop-holes. A pack reached to them with code name – The Heartbeat.
Part 4 – The Justice – In time
7th July 2005
08:50 – 09:49 BST
Multiple planned bomb blasts rocked the heartbeat of London, the underground tube. 20 Dead with numerous injured. Entire tube system made shut down. 
9th July 2005
“I am dying, Steve. I have seen a suicide bomber from near. I want to kill them all; they put our beautiful city on fire.” – Jessica murmured on her bed.
“I know the culprits and their addresses. Police will take care of that. You are not going anywhere, Jessica!!!” – Steve told in a calm voice, trying very hard to keep tears away.
“I am on verge of death. I do not want to waste my life or even my death. I want to go in past to take revenge. I want to be the first person to go across the door of past and to see what happens. May be my story will complete there, in better way.” – Jessica had almost decided her fate.
“Me too, Jessica!!! Me too!!! I can’t live without you.” – Steve whispered.
Both memorized the addresses and faces of culprits. They put a note in their pockets in hope, they could live in past. – “Use electrical shocks and CPR to restore our heartbeats. Please!!!”  
7th July 2005(Past Timeline)
06:30 BST, Hammersmith Hospital,Sainsbury Wing, London
Steve and Jessica entered into hospital, through a snow-white door. Doctors failed to restore their heartbeats; the law of nature seldom fails. Their souls were free yet revengeful.
7th July 2005
07:30 BST, Warren Street
“The heartbeats of mother may stop any time; come fast after discussing with your brothers Somebody, Nobody, Everybody & Deadbody (meant Skype usernames and password as code name for operation i.e. Heartbeat).” – Leader’s mail informed.
Four young students started chatting using Skype (Sky Peer to peer a.k.a. Skyper) video chat, in the groups of two. They were discussing about joining the library and return the books, in code language.
Soon the Skype logo of cloud started moving out of chat windows and a lightning sign added across it. The image on video chat for called one, changed as caller face i.e. same face. Caller faces seemed scared to hell and but the called one had a devilish grin. The voice came from the called one and shown a thumb down.
“You are fired!!! The Justice is being served.”
Giving them no time to even think, the lightning across the logo became the real lightning and made a way through wires of PC. Finally the cloud of Skype blasted over desks, with all of them catching flames of violent fire.
“Mission accomplished!!!” – Souls were at rest.
Detective Rita Mayer recovered the packs of “The heartbeat” from flats and the plan to disrupt London Underground by executing multiple blasts.
"We’d put the rascals on fire. The fire extinguished under the earth."
She understood the message completely, by now. Though she was still wondering who did it.
Steve Jr. is playing at Hyde Park with Steve & Jessica, unaware of chaos. They just know about beautiful life, indeed full of love between them.
“Dad, I want chocolate!!!” – Steve Jr. asked. Steve handed over a chocolate to him.
 “Me too!!!” – Jiya said with a sweet voice, the cute baby girl standing near Steve Jr. She had a sparkle in her blue eyes.
“Oh dear cutie pie, have this one, where are your parents?” – Jessica handed over another chocolate to her.

*The End*

PS – Though this could not be the best possible end and I fought with myself with validity of 3 alternate endings. But sure I’d tried to put whatever seems believable and not something away from reasoning. Do suggest and/or work with me, if you can think of some creative endings. 

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