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White matter is the brain tissue through which messages pass between different areas of grey matter within the nervous system. Using a computer network as an analogy, the grey matter can be thought of as the actual computers themselves, whereas the white matter represents the network cables connecting the computers together.

Friday, June 29, 2012

It takes 2!

The frigid sunshine hurts and scorching moonlight too. Why tiny droplets within clouds triggering the fire? Is this how one feels when their loved one is away? Where are you, my love? Everyone around is avoiding me and even refuse to see. Is it because you are away? Is it because I am alone? Doesn’t matter, even nature behave weird when you go away. What to expect from people around?


Shreya is standing there, with elbow rested on bridge rail and palm below dimpled chin.

I could see tears in her beautiful eyes, waiting for the glimpses of Jatin.

Will he come back? Will he just come from backside and tap my shoulder with a devilish giggle? Will he try his stupid ways to make me smile? Will he send a poetic SMS for sorry?

She slowly stepped out of wooden footbridge and inched towards amphitheater.

Few hours before:-
I heard loud and bursting words of Shreya & Jatin. Sometimes you can fight so easily with the person, whom you love. But the harsh words out of stupid (what else?) mouth are like burning charcoal, only ash remains of broken hearts.


Little afraid, sad and alone again, I chose to follow Shreya. The crowd was gathering at amphitheater with mumbled voices. A new rock band called “Pappu Learns to Rock” was about to perform. Shreya, like a dry leaf, was walking hither tether to find Jatin in the audience. Finally her eyes found eyes of Jatin, who was sitting just opposite side of her row, but he looked away. A drop of tear rolled down over her cheeks. I cursed Jatin.

5 PM, the beats and rhythm of a slow romantic song filled the ambience, justified by main vocal with amazing use of Guitar and Drums.

With every stanza playing, I saw the changing emotions of Jatin and Shreya. His face was getting twisted slowly, as if he wanted to stop the flow of tears, knocking hard to get out of his eyes. Shreya had a lump in throat as her heart synchronized with lyrics of the beautiful song. Jatin waved his hand and pointed towards the small footbridge near. Both came out of audience, stepping towards bridge and of course me following them.

As both came on the centre of bridge from opposite direction, I sat on the bridge rail, keeping them within sight.

Tears in the eyes and a sweet smile on the faces, all this made me much happy yet little sad. My love was still away.

Suddenly Shreya looked at me and kissed two fingers with her beautiful lips. Jatin also looked at me and repeated the same with his fingers. Then I realized, my love was sitting beside me on the bridge rail and chirping with love song playing in the background.

Yes, it takes 2 to be together.

*The End*

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