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Friday, May 11, 2012

Test Drive - Google Car!!!

The Test drive of most awaited Google driverless car on Indian roads, done by expert Anand Jhunjhunwala on behalf of Down Gear and Under Drive magazines. However the top confidential report is leaked on chikileaks. Here is a snapshot of some error messages occurred during first test drive, which boggled down scientists/programmers at Google. Hence this car will not hit Indian roads until eternity.

400 Bad Request - Overtaking request from left, while leaving the road completely.
401 Unauthorized - Honking, Cutting lanes to take revenge & baffle other cars/drivers.
402 Payment Required - Parked in no parking area ("No parking" sign behind the tree or roadside shop/cart), traffic police towed the car.
403 Forbidden - Sandwiched between 1 bicycle and bike/another car/animal.
404 Not Found - Road not found.(Pits and Manholes).
405 Driving Not Allowed - Bicycle/bikes within 6 inch distance.
406 Not Acceptable – Vehicles like Xylo/Safari and/or Bicycle using middle of road.
407 Proxy Authentication Required - Traffic police asked for license of driver (??)
408 Request Timeout - Standstill Traffic combined with 400/425/429 Errors.
409 Conflict - Human driver honked and given bad look (irrespective of fault/reason).
410 Gone - Road Signal and indicators/brake lights (of vehicle ahead) not working.
415 Unsupported Media Type - Music orchestrated by horns/abusive words coming from every side.
420 Enhance Your Calm - Standstill Traffic combined with 400/425/429 Errors.
422 Unprocessable Entity - Road blocked by cows or other animals.
425 Unordered Collection - Four lanes of vehicles, stuffed in 2 lanes provided.
429 Too Many Requests - One bicycle started overtaking from left, cut by a bike from right, car ahead of you applied brake suddenly.
444 No Response - Horn/Dipper for overtaking but no change in mind of driver inside car ahead.
501 Not Implemented - Driving bumper to bumper and sides to sides, with optimized distance of 1 mm between vehicles.
502 Bad Gateway - Narrow lane with shops/2 wheeler parked on both sides.
503 Service Unavailable - Road Signals not working and No traffic police.
504 Gateway Timeout – Trapped in Standstill Traffic.
508 Loop Detected - Another automated car opposite, stopped due to one of the errors.
509 Bandwidth Limit Exceeded - Music Band orchestrated by horns/abusive words coming from every side exceeded the limits.

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