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Friday, February 10, 2012

The Justice!!!

It seems the twitter accounts of celebrities are getting hacked on Friday the 13th January'2012. The message appearing for their tweets was exactly same.

@AmirKhan - “I QUIT. It is *my* turn now.

@PritamChakraborty - “I QUIT. It is *my* turn now.

@HimeshReshmiya - “I QUIT. It is *my* turn now.

Friday 13th January 2012, 00:01 AM:

Koregaon Park, Pune:

Cobb had his laptop open and was looking into these mysterious tweets, posted recently, one by one. Soon his Gmail chat window flashed and said “Hey Cobb!!!” from his friend Fred, staying at few blocks away.

Fred: Don’t you feel something creepy about the tweets.

Cobb:  Bingo! Yeah, I know who posted it, but not sure, like this!!!!!!

Fred: Shouldn’t we stop this game now.

Cobb: What!!!! Tweets, nope, am loving it :P

Fred: Hey, Hey don’t you think the screen background of twitter changed, I could see the animations.

Cobb: Nope, I don’t see it. It seems you are again drunk, have you tried drugs for a change :P??.

Fred: You know, I never touch it, but something weird is happening here :S

Cobb: Come on, don’t bug me now. Bye.

Few blocks away, at Fred’s place:

The twitter screen had changed and the bird was looking alive, at least to Fred. The bird fluttered towards corner of the screen and disappeared. Now screen was showing something which he can’t believe, is it something live or movie? The aerial view of a city was visible, through some eyes or camera, going closer to the ground. The lanes, the buildings were so familiar. Oh, it is window of my house!!! Who is there?

The bird came just opposite to him and he was able to see himself on the screen, scared to the hell. He just stood up in hurry, his chair fell on ground. The bird was following/copying the facial expressions and movements of him. Fred raised his one hand and then moved hands like an Egyptian. The bird followed the same. Wow, he was enjoying the game now.

Suddenly the rules changed and bird was expecting him to follow. Okay, come on birdie. Bird opened his mouth wide open and Fred followed it. Fred was unaware and bird suddenly rushed into his mouth, choking his food-pipe. Urgh!Urgh!Urgh!, no audible sound was coming from Fred’s mouth. His eyes were bulging and getting bigger slowly. Soon he felt the bird was “inside”, he literally felt a gulping of his heart, and an empty space remained.He could feel the darkness,slowly welcoming the death.His hands started typing something.

In a new tweet,he written – “I QUIT.”

Fred rested in peace. The text was appended and tweet was posted - “It is *my* turn now.”

Cobb was scared to see new and same creepy tweet of @SonakshiSinha. He pinged Fred, why he is tweeting the same creepy message now? It doesn't look like a re-tweet. But there were no answers on chat window.

The screen of twitter changed for Cobb and the bird came alive again…


RIP Cobb & Fred, the partners in crime for faking up twitter profiles and having sadistic pleasure in embarrassing-n-putting up controversies within celebrities via tweets. No blue badge with a white right sign and no verified account for celebrities had killed them.

The bird is on the way.


PS-Twitter was an ocean of fake accounts until that blue badge of "verified accounts" came in 2009(This story concept/write-up created by me that time).You might had heard of various controversies about Amitabh Bachhan,Sonakshi Sinha and others, where fake accounts created mayhem and defame for celebrities. They think that it’s fun. But it’s not. It defames the celebrities and hurts the emotions/feelings of them/followers.

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