What is White Matter

White matter is the brain tissue through which messages pass between different areas of grey matter within the nervous system. Using a computer network as an analogy, the grey matter can be thought of as the actual computers themselves, whereas the white matter represents the network cables connecting the computers together.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

An Everlasting Melody of Love !!!

About The Days Passed By
A page in Lionel's Diary:-
I have always loved you. You have always loved me. You'd been a face, which I was searching for long. It is first time, all my songs and music came alive with you. The songs were empty earlier; you filled the colors in it, with your bright eyes and a beautiful smile. The songs were mine, but it’s you, the soul of it. There is no other but you, inside my mind, while singing and penning down the songs. I felt you, thinking of you, while writing the songs and your pretty face just appeared from behind. I’d always wondered about your mischievous smile and the way you said “I Love You” “I Love You, my dream” many times, while talking about your dreams, sculpture of your dream, on which you were working, secretly.  Mesmerized and smiling inside for that stupid thought, it was always for me. Even I’d given you blank calls with saying a "Hello!",put roses and written “I Love You” in Braille, on your notebook, you wondered always about.
People say, even shadow can leave you in darkness, but I will be your shadow, in your darkness. I feel you, all your pains-n-joy and never want you to cry. I felt your pain as you looked sleepless and crying all the night, last night. I had made everything up to see you smile. I just want to say “I Love You” and It is fine even we do not touch each other, as our hearts already will meet like a mild fragrance in the air, invisible, yet felt too strong. Tomorrow, waiting for you to unveil your dream sculpture.
A page in Laura's Diary:-
I have always loved you. You have always loved me. You’d been a face, which I’d seen always in my dreams, and waking up to feel a mild fragrance of meeting two hearts in the air, dancing on the songs which I hear every day in class. My imaginations & dreams play a symphony inside all nerves and my hands starts to fill every details of your face, into clay. Sometimes I wake up in the wee hours and touch your face in the clay. Then I take a nail-n-hammer with a scratch on my heart to refine your face, saying sorry with every blow. In the class, I always feel you, passing by from behind and sometimes in front of me. I wonder,when I listen to the voices in the class, you are singing for me,cracking stupid jokes and gazing me with a smile. I could feel your gaze over my face like a breeze passing through the trees, but making sounds inside my heart. I’d uttered “I Love You” in my talking, in hope you are listening somewhere around. I know,you left roses and written “I Love You” in my notebook, which I kissed every night.I'd waited with pounding heart,for your blank call,every night.
I remember the day, little unfortunate, but fortunate, when I was about to join the class. I was on my way on my bi-cycle. I had seen a simple yet ever smiling face of you, singing around with kids in park, playing guitar with closed eyes. I was about to appreciate this mesmerizing moment but destiny didn’t understood the beauty of it. A long trailer hit me bad from behind and my world became a dark room, where I hanged photos of my family, nature and you, to see them many times in the red light of pain.  Tomorrow, I am going to unveil my sculpture, my perfect soul-mate, my dream.
The Present Day
The sculpture made by Laura, unveiled by performing arts teacher Lionel. Lionel and people around were amazed to see the face of Lionel, molded perfectly in the clay. Laura’s friend told that you made face of our art teacher.
“Where is he? I want to touch his face.” – Laura exclaimed with joy.
She started moving her fingers over his face. Lionel just started singing the song for his soul mate.

PS - The song “hello, is it me you looking for?”  - By Lionel Richie, had a beautiful story inside it, in the music video. The girl(Laura - Art Student) is blind and the guy (Lionel Richie-Performing Arts Teacher) falls in love with her. And yes the destiny had a sweet surprise for both of them, when she unveils the sculpture of her dream, her soul-mate. The ultimate song and ultimate story, this is an attempt to fill in words for that short description of music video with creative improvisations, imaginations and extensions(Like reason for blindness,accident,diary notes and feelings). Hope you will love it.

Friday, January 6, 2012

It can happen in one day!!!!

Saturday, July 31st:

“Marriages are made in heaven, but got spoiled on earth, by two people. Many of the times, people take relationships for granted and forget to invest love, passion and care into it, everyday or every other moment. The ego stops them to forgive-n-forget minuscule things-n-doings and even expressing love or saying “you look beautiful” or “I’m sorry”. Do not know about others, but I will definitely try something else, something which is right for me, which I think. It is high time now to find someone new and better.May be a stranger!!!”
Mohan was thinking aloud and had decided something to give a new twist to the relationship.

Saturday, August 7th:
Dark clouds were waiting with lots of tears and the hurt inside, on a windy morning. Mohan was walking towards bus-stop, slowly, in deep thinking. Soon his wandering eyes rested on a beautiful face with curly hairs, waiting for the bus. There was a silence between them and no bus came for almost half an hour. Mohan got a call from friend that bus drivers are on strike and no buses are scheduled today. Mohan brought his bike from home and stopped at bus stop, to offer lift. Yes, she sat on behind and asked to go towards a Bank @ Parvati. After her work over at bank, they stopped at Hanuman Mandir, nearby and as a custom, sat on the bench, after darshan. Her name was Meera and she was working at an institute.
Mohan had offered her tea and snacks, which she accepted. The mild rain had started and they sat on the table at a restaurant nearby. They didn't know it was the romantic weather, the rain or the background sound of rain-drops which was making their talk as a melodious song with perfect harmony of words spoken. Yes, their talk touched various interests and experiences of their life. The talks were continued while they climbed up 103 steps, of Parvati Hill, the highest point in Pune.  They climbed up to Sati monument to see a panoramic view of city. The cool breeze was playing with Meera’s curly hairs and hair lines kept coming towards her eyes, again and again. Mohan remained speechless for the moment, when she looked around while tucking her hair line, behind ears every time. As both had the interest in music, singing and poetry, they continued to recite few poems of great poets and singing songs of Kishore and Asha, on that point at hill-top. The time was looking them eagerly, while passing on, as they had completely forgot the existence of him. It was almost 1:30 PM, when they thought it is necessary to take lunch, even their talks and view of each other, was filling them with satisfaction.
After lunch, their ride, their gazes, their talks, their smiles, their laughs continued while they visited Sarasbaugh Ganapati and PuLa Deshpande Landscaped Park.After munching the evening Bhel and spicy Pani-Puri, they headed towards a movie theater for the first show (6 PM - 9 PM).
The show was over. It was raining heavily outside the theater. Mohan and Meera put on the rain gears in Two-Wheeler parking area, cherishing the sweet moments of the romantic movie just seen.
“Alas! Where is the parking ticket?” – Mohan looked worried. He had purchased it but misplaced now. Both checked their belongings but no luck.
“Meera, Come on.”
Hey, you found it right!!”
She didn’t have a blink of idea what was in Mohan’s mind. She just followed him.
Broom! Broom! Broom!
Avoiding watch-men completely, Mohan stepped up the accelerator. They were soon on the road. The sound of shouting watchmen gradually merged into lightning and thunder of rains. Mohan was laughing hilariously and later Meera joined him too.
“It was a great day. You are so crazy, romantic and interesting” – Meera put her hands on his shoulder and gradually slipping around his chest.
“Even I didn’t know, you will be with me in this craziness.” Mohan had a sweet grin on his face.
“So where should I drop you? I stay at Bibvewadi”
“Oh, Even I stay there too:-)”
“Let’s go:-)”
Mohan unlocked his house and both of them stepped inside.
Sunday Morning 8th August:
Mohan and Meera were at the place of Sameer & Simran.
“So how was your date, love birds?” –  Sameer chuckled with a wink.
Before Mohan could say anything, a cute angel Avani, rushed towards Mohan and Meera. She made a garland of her hands to hug both, happily.
Mohan & Meera were in tears of happiness. This one day had taught them, lessons for the whole life, romance and passion to get going ahead.
“Chalo ek bar fir se, Ajanabi ban jaayen hum dono… (Let us be strangers once again)” –  Sameer started singing with a mischievous smile.
“Guys, so next week it is our turn and responsibility of our Nilay’s sleep-over with you people.”-  Sameer broken the happy silence with a laughter. The kids, Nilay and  Avani too joined their parents in laughter, without even knowing the reason.