What is White Matter

White matter is the brain tissue through which messages pass between different areas of grey matter within the nervous system. Using a computer network as an analogy, the grey matter can be thought of as the actual computers themselves, whereas the white matter represents the network cables connecting the computers together.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Departure...!!!

“You are looking beautiful today, more than ever, you seemed every other day. My eyes, my gaze, I could not take it off from your shimmering face. Ah, a glare hits me, just reflected from a tiny moist bead, at the corner of my eyes. I wish I could stop the time and hold you close, in my arms. The breeze, that plays with your hairline, that haze over the cup of coffee, that captivating aroma of pie, that fluttering butterfly, those chirping birds of joy, those swinging flowers and I, I am gonna miss you.”
Umm hmm, oh my god, I love your eyes on me, when I look away. The corner of your eyes reveals a tinge of sparkle, when your gaze meets with mine. Is it a tear? I wish, I could hold you close and wrap my arms around you to catch it warm, on my shoulder. How could I say, I will miss the moments between you and me, andof course you.”
A long whistle stirred the chain of thoughts and broke the silence between us.
“Not sure when we will meet again. Bye!” – She waved her hands through window.
“Bye, Bye! Take care!”
The words were not coming easily, for us, even few inches of distance between the turbulent mind and the silent lips, seemed a light year apart.
I turned back to hide my face, as few impatient tears were knocking the door of eyelids.
Within a moment, she hopped off from the train and tapped my shoulder. With a cute smile, she pressed her palms into mine, before quickly boarding on the train.

Gentle winds touched and fluttered a pink handkerchief in my hand. My wet eyes were amazed to see beautiful letters carved into the corner of it, by hand – “With Love”. 

“I Love You Too!!!! I Love You Too!!!! I Love You Too!!!!” – I screamed, until my throat dried out, until my eyes drenched completely, until our tears turned into smiles and until our smiles turned into tears again.

I watched the train leave, till it turned into a small dot, and then, nothing but a silence felt, within mumblings of crowd around. With a painful sigh of separation and a twitch inside heart, I left the platform. I left the platform and my genuine smile left with her, until she meets again.
Until she meets again, even laughing with friends leaves a twinge inside and I feel alone. No, I do not feel alone as her thoughts escort me, everywhere and life goes on, until she meets again.

Soon love will find a way to meet her again. Amen!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Split wide open!

Warning - Reading discretion advised as gore and disturbing content ahead for some audience but depicted a harsh reality with a thought provoking message to protest same.

She brought naked on the table. One of the disciples put her, on its back. Master carefully inserted scissor just above anal opening, making incision but not too deep. Then two of them, pinned skin back putting pins at 45° angles, while removing eggs from the ovaries, which were obstructing the view. Master repeated incisions for muscle layer with angle scissors, to cut through breastbone to avoid touching heart! Another two reinserted pins to hold skin and muscles back. The master and disciples observed every single detail of her anatomy with curiosity.

“Have you heard a big croak outside the window?” – One of the disciples mumbled.

“Yeah, may be friend of her at river outside. But that is a mile away.” – Master chuckled.

The smiles on their faces were short-lived as there were loud knocks and croaks on the door & glass windows like a maddening crowd outside.

Soon her thousands of friends were inside. No one was allowed to go out. Every door was under their command. Soon there was blood of disciples & master everywhere, with scissor & pinned incisions done by quite inexperienced army.

One of them compared anatomy of her with those disciples and declared –

“They are same as us from inside, even the heart too. How could they act shamelessly on us? Brutal killers…This is not accepted. We will payback.”

All of them leaped out of the window, one after another, towards another lab of glass windows.


“Why these jerks are kidnapping us and we do not even know what they are doing, as no one came back from these rooms of glass windows.”

“Let me camouflage and look inside from window. I will croak aloud if I need help of additional troupes.”

The sight of lying body of her, rested split wide open, made him mad. With full blown balloon of his throat, a loud croak came out.


PS - Sadly, this brutal act carried all over the world shamelessly without any guilt, by highly educated lot. Well, even if knowledge of anatomy is around, whether it is fair to dissect a new creature every time. Can we not use other painless means like virtual reality/animation/videos and all?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Zoomed Out !!!

5:05 PM
I cursed myself, while walking around a narrow path at Great Himalayan Trek. Though it was my dream come true, well not that I wanted to become sadhu or sage at this young age of thirties: P, but to shoot the nature at its best. My hands shivered, jaws felt frozen and yet my heart was pounding with excitement to shoot that awesome creature made out of ice. Aha, why don’t we take lessons of creativity from our mother nature, like this one? Seven feet tall, half men and half beast like upper part. Every details of face of beast carved nicely into ice. Big and sharp edged ears, open mouth with jagged teeth and the eyes, whoa, vertical eyes, never seen before. There was something wrong about hands, seven long fingers clenched as fist and a finger pinned inside palm like an office pin, i.e. middle part inside palm and the edges outside.
I was proud to bring my new optical zoom lenses, to cover the smallest details of this scary creature. However once I moved my focus to his vertical eyes, something terrible happened below my feet. I stepped on a loose stone and almost slipped towards deep down valley. I clutched a stone with one hand while slipping down, but the grip was slack and I left my camera hanging onto my neck strap below my belly, while grabbing another stone with both hands. Woof, soon my friend came and helped me to come out of the tip of valley. I was saved but my precious and proud lens mutilated completely. The trek ended with RIP to my camera lenses.
On the priority, I browsed through sites for similar lenses. The new lenses in same price range had wider apertures but less optical zoom, not much of my use, so I thought of checking E-bay to buy a same one but second hand. I found a similar one with very weird price tag 5:05 must be a serious mistake of formatting, on website. There was a camera icon, which I clicked to expect an image of lenses. Instead it opened an image capture screen via front web cam with a message “smile please for now”. I smiled as instructed; the software clicked a smile shot and submitted to site via dizzy animation.CopyRightAnandTambey
I realized my wrist watch shown time as “5:05”. The screen went to blue screen of death, hell windows 7, why I didn’t listen to Rajesh’s suggestions to install Linux. Five minutes passed and in desperation, I restarted the laptop. No luck and time was still “5:05”.Hot waves of air, past my 4 windows, changed into chilly breeze. I stepped towards window, limping as my feet frozen and felt sudden numbness in my varicose veins. I started clenching my fist in despair, only to see 2 extra fingers grown with one finger piercing inside palm and soon came out like an office pin. It was freezing cold inside my bedroom and I was turning into that monster in ice, literally. But somehow I had to act quickly and I did. I set my own bedroom on fire, with taking out my lighter from breast pocket and boom.
The time was still “5:05”; I was totally drenched into sweat bath. It was a bad dream indeed, setting bedroom on fire and me changing into icy beast. The laptop screen was wide open at screen capture with a message “smile please for now”. I smiled but I was zoomed out at screen, getting far away inside. In anguish I clicked on plus side of bar to zoom in. I don’t know how many time I clicked it as the screen was showing the area of my eyes, weird and turned into vertical for a second. I clicked it once more, the next second I felt stretching and rotating sensation around my eyes. My eyes had now same orientation of my image on screen. I clicked on minus side of bar and started zooming out. As my face zoomed out on screen, a devil force pushed me out of the wall, flawlessly penetrating many walls of buildings surrounding my home. Feeling despondent, I was pulled into a dark valley and towards the monster creature, the known location of Himalayas.
The time was “5:05”. I was shivering inside my quilt and the laptop screen was open with e-bay site showing a second hand lenses with a weird price tag.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Just keep moving on!!!

“Just keep pushing the paddles.”

“Didi, I won’t.”

“Have you heard the chirping, crackling, and howling sounds? There is a ghost, who can attack stand-still creatures.”


“Do not stop. Do not be afraid, I am with you, just behind, dear.”

A few moments later:

“Yes, I did it. Two complete rounds of the street.” – Turned his head in enthusiasm. But his face turned white. His sister was not there.

Suddenly a creature tapped his shoulder and pressed him with a tight grip. He was completely in horror and turned around.  Didi was laughing hilariously.

“I told you. Don’t be stand-still. Keep moving. Bwahaha.”

He had a sheepish grin too.


She was depressed after a bad day. Her brother taken her for a ride of “Royal Enfield Bullet.”

He handed over the keys and asked her to kick-start.

“No, I can’t handle it. It is huge.”

“Just try it, you can, Didi! You’d already driven the scooter, right!”

The engine roared. And moments later, her toes were off the ground, shifting gears with full synchronization of clutch and accelerator. She felt like the queen of Jhansi riding a horse, well bullet was nothing short of it.

“Whoa! I did it.”

Just then her brother whispered something in her ears.

“Don’t stop. Just move on! There are ghosts, who can attack stand-still creatures. Some of them are worry, hurt, anger, sorrow, and failure. You have just to keep on moving. ”

A warm smile appeared on her face. She had received a lesson for the lifetime, from her younger brother.

Her brother winked, and both had a roaring laugh, surpassing the sound of the bullet.


PS – In a crowded market, in my childhood, I’d received this excellent piece of advice for lifetime – "Keep moving, do not be stand-still".

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I Love Me !!!!


“I want to hold this moment forever. The wind is blowing one silky and shining hairline, nervous she is, like me, close to your face, let her kiss your forehead and caress the eyelashes. Let her find the path in your curved eyebrows and glide along happily on slippery cheeks. Ah! She rests on arch of your naturally colored lips, a shining lip salve make her almost blind and her itinerary stops at the corner of upper lip. Your eyes sparkles with a feeling of thousand tickles and you want to hold that hairline and tuck it back behind ears. But don’t. Let it be.

Your gorgeous face is glowing like millions of fireflies with twinkling innocent eyes and as always, without any touch of eye-liner and make-up. Your timeless beauty came from within, from a compassionate nature and free soul. I gaze at your flawless look and my eyes stops wandering away, as if they finally found the eternity on the earth. No more wishes, no more desires and "my" heart in "you", gasps for a moment. It loves you when it stops; it loves you when it gets going.”

After that accident, I constantly hear these voices within me, every time I see my face in the mirror. I just cannot turn my gaze away from my own reflection. It seems, I am in love with myself, more than you have ever loved me. I know it is you, your "heart" within me, which replaced my "dead heart".

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Resurrection of G!

Drizzling sky!
The middle of the road!
A mad troupe!
I put my foot on the bodies, ramming them down and moving up.
Falling bodies and skins tattered apart.
Resurrecting and rising again.
The roaring crowd was watching the scene.
Finally, at the top of the human pyramid.
The pot shattered!!!
Loud cheers – Go, Govinda!

PS – Wishing you all a Happy Shri Krishna Janmashtami and dedicating this 55 word fiction to the fighting and team spirit for making human-pyramids to break the pot (Dahi-Handi) for Dahi-Handi celebration.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Helly Belly - A Spicy Tale of Choice!!!

It was his very first meal at in-law’s place.
“Let me finish this red curry (#$%&@&) of baigan first and then move to my favorite ones.” – Son-in-law made a choice inside his mind.
Mother-in-law observed baigan sabji finishing very fast. However she missed observing the frequency of sipping water, the tears in eyes and a storm in ears of him. It was too spicy for him.
“Son, you liked baigan, let me serve it more!”
And before he could gulp the bite, another scoop of baigan appeared in his dish. He made a choice again to finish it fast. But mother-in-law was too agile to serve another scoop, almost jumping out of serving bowl.
He almost covered his dish with hands and whole upper body, to save him from another horrific scoop. But how mother-in-law can lose? She had her utmost try for taking the bowl of baigan sabji and served again. Finally next time he had to hide that bowl under aasan (wooden sitting).
With a sigh, he tried to relish his favorites, but he was already full, made a fool of himself and already blasted with spice.
The next morning was hell for his burnt mouth, tongue and the belly.
“Mother, what you did to him? Though he is very flexible in eating, but baigan sabji was too spicy! And you served that again thrice!”
“What! And I thought he liked it too much!”
After a sheepish grin, mother-in-law busted into laughter and others joined her too, except Jamai (son-in-law) Raja.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

13 Squares - Pay for life!

Friday the 13th, on a clear day, an open air restaurant “13 Squares” inaugurated with very few guests on a round table. For a hefty 5000 Rs. entry-fee, it had an automated self-service system. There were sound censors all over the place, which could detect and analyze sound to serve the voice orders.

“Perfect! No waiters, no manager! What an innovation.” – One of them muttered while munching on his favorite pasta.

After a fine lunch and dessert, still there was silence within people. They did not know each other. One of them suggested an ice-breaker and all were agreed on playing “Antakshari”.

“Baithe-Baithe Kya Karen, Karna Hai Kuchh Kaam, Shuru Karo Antakshari Leke Prabhu ka Naam. - Ma”

“Main hoon Jhum-Jhum Jhumru Phakkad Ghunghroo Pahanke Ghumu, Main hoon Jhum-Jhum Jhumru -Ra” - One uncle started with an old classic.

Everyone felt a ghungroo appeared on their legs with sounds. Whoa!

“Rimjhim Gire Saawan,Sulag Sulag Jaaye Man, Bheege Aaj Is Mausam Mei, Lagee Kaisi Ye Agan- Na”

Soon the dark clouds appeared over the restaurant and drizzling started. However everyone was feeling uneasy as burning sensation in whole body and the brain even in rain.

“Na bole tum na maine kuch kaha, magar na jaane aisa kyun laga,Ki dhup mein khila hai chand, Din mein raat ho gayee,pyar ki bina kahe sune hi baat ho gayee - Ee” – One aunty sang this beautiful romantic song.

The sky above ripped off in 2 parts, one as a day with hot sunshine, another as a night with a moon. It was kind of magic, which people were actually enjoying with little of burning sensation though.

“Ek din aap yun humko mil jaayenge, phool hi phool rahon mein khil jaayenge,maine socha na tha - Tha” – A young lady sang from heart.

Soon the floor was covered with beautiful flowers.

“Thandi Hawayen Lahrake Aayen - Ya”

The cold waves started and everyone was shivering.

“Yeh raat bheegi bheegi, Madmast fizayen, Sone bhi nahi deta, ye chaand pyara pyara.- Ra”

It started raining again with a beautiful moonshine.

“Raat Ke Dhaai Baje Koi Shehnai Baje,Dil Ka Baazaar Laga Dhela Tak Paai Baze – Ja”

Clock ticked towards 02:30 AM, wedding music played things around people like spoon, knives, stones etc.  and everyone’s heart displayed a price tag.

“Jeena Yahan, Marna Yahan, Iske Siva Jaana Kahan - Ha”

All the 13 guests had a cardiac arrest.Soon there was no living body left and remained a deep silence. The self cleaning process started at 4:00 AM and the place was calm as nothing happened.


“13 Square” Open Air Restaurant, first time in India, a voice controlled, man-less and fully automated service. You will not ask for more, if you visit it.Pay Rs. 5000 for life,just a day, pay here at www.the13square.com/PayForLifeInAdvance.html.


PS – A crazy scribbling, a creepy & fantasy idea from the childhood, do not know, it could be called a story. Copyrights reserved.
PPS – What song will you sing and what you will expect? Be careful though! 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I believe, I can Fly!

Oh, it is drizzling outside, let me wear a raincoat. Wow! I am now surrounded by sparkling golden dust. I stretched my arms and put a wide grin on my face; it is necessary. Where am I now? In a different world perhaps as my feet lifted up in air. 

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I am flying! Let me balance myself in the air. Oops, I am upside down, now. Oh, my god! Footprints on wall and ceilings in my room, what people would think of me? I gave a little swirl and flew outside the window, enjoying raindrops on my face. A sweet fragrance of soil stroked my nostrils made me glide with more push.

Simran mausi just parked her scooter outside our building.

I waved her – “Bye, Mausi.”

“Fly back soon, dear!” – And she fainted with surprise.

Idea!!! Let me move above the clouds; it might be dry enough to fly. Yeah, wow, soft cotton bolls with the lightning inside like a diamond. I am above office now, what a picturesque landscape with indigo, pink and white flowers. I could remember the beautiful wooden footbridge surrounded by greenery, where we had taken our snaps. The earth looks gorgeous in green saree, wearing diamonds and pearls of drops, with flowers tucked in beautiful hairs. I love rain.

I had taken the size of tiny butterfly now. I could see you now, walking on an internal pathway, moving sadly towards your desk. Oh, why I had a fight with you in the morning. I shouted at you too.

Working on your desk, in between spells of work, you are staring at my sketch with teary eyes. Remember we got that sketch in Shilparamam Crafts Village, Hyderabad. You love me so much, don’t you? On lunch, with your friends, I could hear everything you say sitting behind your new style of hair, spikes! How you are laughing with narrating my stories and how you are trying to hide-n-wipe that tear in the core of eyes, turning head sideways. I am sure you will never forget me, even a second.

You are now packing up the bag and moving outside slowly towards parking. I came back to my normal size & you looked above.

“Avani, Is that you? Are you flying? How could that be?”- Aman had multiple questions without blinking eyes.

“Papa, you said fairies are not real. I met with Tinker-bell, a fairy from Pixie-Hollow. She sprinkled golden pixie dust to make me fly. Whoa! Do you want to fly back home? Yes, come with me!”

I held his warm hands, and we were on our way back, flying.


“Papa, I am sorry. I am not angry with you, now. I Love you.”

“I Love you too, my piece of heart!”

A sweet noise of smooching and wet feel on forehead, cheeks & chin woke me up. I kissed him on the nose, my way of showing love.

“Papa, I Love you! You know you were flying with me, Wow, Fairies are real.”

“Me too! O, Sweetie! Fairies again! Who said, you cannot fly?”

Soon I was in the air again, above the bed and roaming inside the house like a bird. Aman held me up resting on his shoulder.


I am flying again.

PS – “Tinker Bell & Great Fairy Rescue,” a Disney Pixar Fairy Studio animation movie, engrossed my daughter and me while watching it together. If you are a Father & have a daughter OR to-be-fathers, wish to have a daughter, OR you are a Princess of a father (no matter how old are you), a must watch to take you into a fantasy world of fairies. You may relate, get emotional and enjoy this story more, feel the same when I’d written it.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Tale of Talk :P

1 : Hello,R U sharma speaking.(Rajendra Utpal Sharma - 1)
2 : No,No,I M Pandey speaking.Who is speaking?(Indra Mohan Pandey - 2)
1 : R U Sharma,Which Pandey?
2 : I M Pandey.
1 : That is okay,but the initials?
2 : I M [pause]
1 : Oho! Speak for god sake! The initials?
2 : I M Pandey speaking. Who are you ?
1 : R U Sharma.
2 : I M Pandey.
1 : %#$^&*!$
2 : %#$^&*!$

Call disconnected with a loud thud :D :P

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


“Hey, it is not working out!”

“Hic! What? Hic!”

“Our love!  You are changed! Me too!”


“Well, I am courting with another one, better than you! Whoa! I feel so different, so ecstatic that I even forget the time flowing off and keep talking for hours together.”

“You, cheater!”

“But Hiccups stopped! Right! "


The Devil Particle!

Part-1 - Puzzle-O-Weird!

Is this a start or ending of something? The series of spectacular yet disastrous events happening all over the world, is there a common thread? A riddle perhaps!


If the Universe Is the Answer, What Is the Question?
If the God Is the Answer, What Is the Question?
The existence of someone; without me, can take pride?
I belong to body of all; why do you think me as dark side?
You say let there be light!
I say let there be light!

Detective Rita Mayer was surprised to see this hoax mail forwarded to all of the top-notch officials.

“What the hell, another riddle? Let me call Andy.”


Part-2 - Lost Eight At Eight!

Mountain View, California
SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) Headquarter
8 PM

Day 0

“Seth, Can I borrow your shades?” – Uma yelled.
“Inside lab? Whoa, Uma is getting eshstyle statement! Take it from my desk.” – Seth chuckled.
 “Lori! Damn it, So much illumination around Neptune, what is happening? Come on!”
“What!” – Lori stunned to see images on the screen.
“Whoa, its shape is widening pretty fast too! Light in the dark universe! Let me reduce focus.” – Uma hit left arrow key in hurry.
“What! You reduced it too much; it is dark out there, again.” – Lori came near Uma to see the settings.
“Nope, I didn’t”
“Pan left, now right! Nothing!”
“Pan up, up, down now! Nothing!”
“We lost Neptune! The 8th planet:|”

A silence prevailed for a minute with blanked out faces. Soon the news hit all over the world with smashing headlines.

“The end is near! Lost Eight At Eight!”


Day 1
Mercury is gone.

Day 7
Saturn is gone.

In the next 7 days, universe lost Mercury (1st) and Saturn (6th) planet too. Astrologers were not happy at all, main source of reaping money and grown up fear in people gone, especially Saturn and Neptune.

Our universe is shrinking. The doomsday is near. The temples, churches and mosques were full house. The postponed marriages and proposal(s) saw the light of the day. Saying “I Love you” and “I do” is no more procrastinated now. The sinners were taking oath of leaving all bad karmas. Good people were calm and praying. Mediocre/Atheist ones still doubted it, went on with their normal routine and taken it easy.

Part-3 – The Spiral-O-Message!

[*Interstellar – In astronomy, the interstellar medium (or ISM) is the matter that exists in the space between the star systems in a galaxy.]

Douglas Vakoch (Director of *interstellar message composition team at SETI) worked overnight and dozed off on his seat with headphones on. His research is around cosmic sounds of wavelengths not audible for humans. His current research involved sounds between rings of Saturn and its moons.

He woke up at 6 AM due to loud quirking sounds. During the loss of Saturn, his sound graph recorded nearest sound of letter O and patterns of spiral converging into zero. Just before Saturn is gone, the spiral slowed down and looked like rotating 6, 9, d or P. And there was nothing after it.

Alessandra confirmed an abundance of a specific element on Saturn, during illuminated destruction phase.

Few hours later, team of Douglas heard the sounds of different letters in particular known pattern and amazingly forming words, between Earth and the moon.

“If the Universe Is the Answer… I say let there be light!”


 [*Nile River in Africa flows through nine countries. One important role from the Nile is the ability to produce fertile soil]

The next 7 days, nothing happened so far, except on media. But happiness was short-lived.

The plants around the *Nile river, across Africa, started dying. A weird phenomena observed in highly fertile soil containing excess of a specific element, responsible for this havoc. Though it made news around the world, but no one noticed the signs of death approaching slowly to planet earth.

Day 14
Uranus (7th planet) is gone.

Day 19
Our guru, biggy, Jupiter (5th planet) is gone too.

Part-4 – Doomed All The Way!
Day 22

“Mercy! Lord! Mercy!”

Ronny, 25 years old, had a deep pain in the spine. His neck was stiffened. His bowel already was empty above empty, with strangling of intestines within. Severe diarrhea and kidney failure made him unable to even walk. But hyperactivity of the nerves kept him trembling and moving on knees. His childhood was back and he was unable to walk. The next step was a disaster; all his bones ruptured. A painful death!

He was not alone on earth experiencing this. Most of the people were on a way to painful death, those who had not chosen mercy death or suicide. Though there were kids and pregnant women away from pain and death.

Finally a bright illumination gulped whole of the earth. All over! A Blank space filled where the earth was.

Mars (4th Planet), Pluto (9th Planet) & Venus (2nd Planet) disappeared in next few days.


Day 21 (Day before Doomsday)

It is a festival and partying mood all around the earth. The festival of deep bonding and relationship was on. Though doomsday was approaching, but people opted for enjoying their remaining days with their love, friends and family.

Trafalgar Square, London had the biggest of its bash. All the couples were synchronizing their steps with a romantic ballroom soundtrack "I will love you for the Thousand Years" of Glee Cast song.

Roger, Andy and other males held their loved one with hand slipping around waist. That night was eternal. There were lots of smiles and tears for being together for the last time. The couples were not only dancing very close together, but their souls were dancing too, like a firefly, in the dim light of love.

“Till death do us part!”

Part-5 – The Devil Particle - Demystified!

Day 20

Mountain View, California
SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) Headquarter

Author Andy a.k.a. Anand, Detective Rita (+1), Detective Roger her husband and team of scientists/directors were in a video conference. And yes, politicians and government officials were not invited.

Jill quickly summarized the status quo of planets, only 4 left including earth and weird-O-message/audio graph of interstellar sound before losing Saturn. The Planets lost after illumination and disappeared as if nothing was there! Nearby galaxies also reported the same and found shrinking. The inexplicable truth, the universe is shrinking and galaxies far away earlier, getting close to our galaxy to take our space. Even though we are sure life exists in other galaxy somewhere, we cannot even think to transport our limited population as destruction is unpredictable and we do not know how much time is left with us.

Andy was busy, scribbling the numbers and calculations on his iPad.

“Three days to go! We are next! ” – Andy mumbled loud enough to be heard in a pin-drop silence. Andy explained it later to a stunned audience.

Day 0 - Planet 8Neptune
Day 1 - Planet 1(Day 0 + 1) – Mercury
Day 7 - Planet 6 (Day 1 + 6) – Saturn
Day 14 - Planet 7 (Day 7 + 7) – Uranus
Day 19 - Planet 5 (Day 14 + 5) – Jupiter
Day 22 - Planet 3 (Day 19 + 3) – Earth
Day 26 - Planet 4 (Day 22 + 4) – Mars
Day 35 - Planet 9 (Day 26 + 9) – Pluto
Day 37 - Planet 2 (Day 35 + 2) – Venus

“It follows a magical pattern and symmetry in numbers around 5, summing up 10. Finally, it forms a magic square of order 3 with sum 15, in every row, column and diagonal! The ultimate & eternal symmetry within 9 numbers and 9 planets!”

“There is a light at the end! But that is the light of the devil particle! The 13th Element discovered with atomic number 15. Luminous Phosphorus (P)! It forms almost 80% of human body and esp. bones. It is used in all kinds of explosives, napalm and biotic weapons i.e. nerve agents. The devil particle, it is not the darker side of us but the burning & illuminated side, if its balance within body is shaken.”

“This explains the death of plants, near river Nile, excess of fertile phosphorus.”

“Hard to say it, we never acted on that news and now phosphorus is silently multiplying within rivers, water, body and finally in the environment.”

“You are damn correct! Today, the tribe and population near Nile, reported series of deaths out of severe diarrhea, stiffened nerves, hyperactivity, bone fractures and out of the blue kidney failures. But surprisingly pregnant women and kids/teens below age 15, saved from it.” – Jill replied in quivering voice.

Rita patted her unborn baby, with tears in her eyes. Even Roger couldn't stop a drop of tear.

Andy had a lump in throat while saying this.

“We might save people by prescribing medicine to slow down and nullify phosphorus content in the body, but only until ultimate destruction of the earth.”

“The only silver line will be realization of mankind, about importance of relationships, love and friendship and all about living the days lively with near and dear ones, irrespective of any doomsday. Life is teaching it us now in hard way. Togetherness is bliss and wished it could have come without ending of our days.”

“Let us enjoy all our days now as if it is our last.”



Rita opened her eyes and looked around. A cute and sweet baby girl is stroking her hairs with twinkling in her eyes. She embraced her with tears of joy. There was a cheerful lady in white dress with LED nameplate showing Ursa D1.

“Ursa, where am I?”

“TR-1515, don’t worry! You are from 3rd planet of G-1 and in a refugee camp of Draco, in G-15 galaxy!”

Though her lips were not in sync, probably a translated voice was coming from her mouth.

“T-What, my name is Rita Mayer, Madam!”

“Okay! Rita, that’s a cute baby girl!”

“Rosaline, her name is Rosaline!” – Rita remembered Roger giving that name to unborn.

A 6 feet tall, lean and cheerful guy greeted Rita.

“Do you know me? Look your bewildered face; do you need a glass of water?”


“I am AT-15, a writer & research scientist for searching and analyzing life in space. You have been brought from G-1 Galaxy as a living sample, as that was about to destroy.”

“It *was* Milky Way Galaxy for us.”

“Hey AT! Let her take rest. Just today morning, she delivered a cute baby girl under my supervision.” – A familiar face popped up behind AT, tapping him on shoulder.

“Roger!” – Rita fainted with a grinning face.

***THE END***

PS - The institute *SETI, the names of scientists and their area of working are real. Rest of all is fiction.

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