What is White Matter

White matter is the brain tissue through which messages pass between different areas of grey matter within the nervous system. Using a computer network as an analogy, the grey matter can be thought of as the actual computers themselves, whereas the white matter represents the network cables connecting the computers together.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Inverted Devils

Jain's Mansion

6:00 PM – 6:30 PM

Though the day took off as usual at home, there was something, alluding me of bad omens and intuitions. 

Sometimes pets behave weird, like Rinky the cat had not yet rubbed her ears with the wall, no somersault, no screeching nails and not even rolling over the floor. The pets know it first if any evil forces are nearby. It's today morning wee hours when I’d waked up by a nightmare about strangers shackling me. 

Huh, let’s walk around and sniff out anything odd, the moments between the dusk and the dawn are prone to paranormal activities.

6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

All family members were busy. No one was looking after me as if I became an abandoned ship or rather an invisible being. 

Soon several adolescent boys and girls started gathering in the main lobby. The dark ambiance appeared spooky with dim lights with candles on the center table, surrounded by few glass jars with a red fluid inside.  

At once I’d started getting cold feet’s, was it human blood?

One after another, they started drinking *that* and advanced towards other rooms.

The scene was terrifying and indelible when they were back. Argh!!!

Those young people became literally *inverted*, their faces, feet’s and whole body had turned around one eighty degrees, except their dresses. They’d transformed into witches, ghosts, and monsters including my dear friend, Tinu too. 

Holy man, I was about to suffer a cardiac arrest, while witnessing their weird walking style and dance like Egyptians. Those were familiar faces, and I used to touch them on the shoulders. Few trolls inched towards me, but I slipped into a corner, sheepishly screeching nails on the floor. Now they had started a devilish ritual with clapping hands and shouting hymns.

Wait!!! My *normal* family members joined them as well.

Then those devils moved towards an abandoned ground, nearby. They held hands and feet of Tinu, and they started throwing him up and down. 

I was furious and yet petrified from the scene too. But no one was listening to my howling. 

I took a sigh of relief that my sweet friend was safe, though he was not able to walk properly.

8:05 PM – 7:00 AM
I was back into the doghouse. Now voices were dim, still incessant laughs bursts and songs like “Who Let the Dogs Out” were sending shivers down my spine. I had not taken food that scary day and slept until seven AM the next morning, only to see my friend Tinu appeared normal, loving and caring again (Perfectly dressed up with body and dress aligned at zero degrees). 

I was glad to see my friend and family were safe from those *inverted* devil spirits.

/*Spoiler Alert*/
As you can guess, an innocent pet dog is the narrator of this tale. He was too scared as on Tinu’s Birthday, we all friends were dressed up in the inverted (reverse) fashion like shirt buttons/trouser zip at back side and we were drinking Red Juice.

/*Spoiler Alert*/ 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

An Eternal Love Story

11/11/11,11:15 AM:-
"Hey Shreya, I couldn't get rid of your thoughts. In books, in dreams, in my eyes and in every scream of birds, I seek you, I pray for you. It mesmerizes me, when you remove your hairline from your eyes and tuck that slowly behind your ears. I wish, I could be your hairline and come towards your eyes, again and again. I Love you."
"Come on, Anand. Not again. You know, you are my best friend. Whenever I was down, you were the one who understood me and lend your shoulder to cry on. You kept the right music to play on and lift my spirit, whenever I had moments of sadness. In between tears, I had laughed on your stupid jokes, which were just meant to forget my sorrow. No, we are just good friends."
"Shreya, But why I cannot explain reason for this. Every time you come towards me from behind, I suddenly get restless and look back at same time. Every time, How come I know even, you are coming?"
"Anand, it is just that we had so much in common and something which keeps us together talking for hours. I guess, these were the vibes which attracted us to each other."
"Shreya, I would just want to say, I Love you."
"Anand, See I had enough of your proposals. Sometimes you kept “I Love you” as hidden note in my bag and sometimes folded the page no. 143* exactly, in books given to me. How many times you said “I Love you” to me in lot of different ways. I had stopped counting it now."
"Shreyaaaa!!! It’s because I Love you so much. I Love you."
"Anand, Ok…Ok…it is the last time I am saying. No, No, No. No."
"So is it the last time of saying ‘No’? So for you, it will be perfect time to say “Yes”,from next time, right!!!"
"Shreya, I Love you."
"Anand, Yes, Yes, Yes. Myyy lovvvve...I Love you too. So you got my 'Yes',finally."
(Sigh) "Yes, better late than never."
Anand and Shreya cuddled each other and disappeared in nowhere, together.
11/11/11,11:11 AM:-
The accident spot at the hill top was quite horrifying, blue and white bus completely crashed into long truck-trailer. The bus was carrying the students of College, going for a weekend trip.
"Folks, please help us to take out the dead bodies of those badly injured couple at the first row. Alas!!!"
The first page of the book, in the girl’s bag read – “To Anand - Happy Birthday - With Love from Shreya - Dated-12/11/2011” and page no. 143 was folded.
PS - *143 – One Four Three are the count of words in “I Love You”. There is no portrayal of faces in this work of fiction with random names, just to imagine them as you(reader) and your loved one/spouse while getting the sincere message.Do not wait, Its always a right time to say "I Love You".

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Obedient Fellow!!!

Conversation between Mother Kavya and Sarang, her 5 year old son at home:-
Kavya: These days you are becoming more and more Ziddi (stubborn). You should obey your teacher and elder’s every time.
Sarang: Does that mean everything they say?
Kavya: Yes
Sarang: Umm, Okay!!!
At School:-
Teacher: Children, we will learn a good habit today. You need to wear uniform only in the school and party dress at outside functions. However you need to take your clothes off, after reaching home and get yourself clean and fresh. You can then wear comfortable dress meant for home.
Sarang: Yesss, Teacher!!!!
At Home:-
Sarang reached home and undressed himself fully.
Sarang: Mom, see I am a good boy.
His mother, granny and grandpa, all started laughing about the proud look he gave and something weird too.
Sarang: What happened…why you people are laughing?
Mother (trying hard to stop laughing): You’d not taken off your shoes. Why??
Sarang (Innocently tapping his chin with his cute hand): But Teacher told us only to take our clothes off, after reaching home.
Their home observed another spell of hilarious laughers J J
PS – It’s a real life incident of a cute, innocent and sweet son of my earlier PM.