What is White Matter

White matter is the brain tissue through which messages pass between different areas of grey matter within the nervous system. Using a computer network as an analogy, the grey matter can be thought of as the actual computers themselves, whereas the white matter represents the network cables connecting the computers together.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

While you were sleeping...zzzz

One night @ Home 

"Baba(Papa)! Do taste this fresh mango pickle. It is so yummy and made by Granny, Ummm!!! Baba! Baba! I am talking to you. You'd lost in your thoughts again and smiling too!" 

Anand was drowned into the lost ocean of nostalgia. He didn't know when a wave escaped and sent him back to his childhood. 


"Anand, come here and do taste this Kheer, it is so yummy."


"Now, this is too much, you say a big no to everything you are asked to eat." - Rashi yelled at a ten year old Anand.

"No Aai (Mom), I feel pukish even at the thought of tasting it." - Anand Murmured in a low tone.

"Ok then, taste this fresh mango pickle, made by Granny." - Rashi ordered.

"Ahh, No...No...No...It is so spicy and oily... it can choke my throat... can't you see." - Anand chuckled, pointing at his throat.

"Huh, go ahead with your dial-rice and potato stuff, you don't even want to taste anything new. Don't regret it later, when you would be away from home..." - Rashi replied in her emotional blackmailing mood.

Anand gave a sweet cuddle to Aai (Mom) from behind. - "No, I wouldn't go away anywhere...love you Aai."

Three pair of eyes was observing this scene and brightened vividly with a mischievous smile dancing in them.

Next Day: Morning

Anand was cribbing about some weird smell while brushing his teeth.

"Aai, why did you mix so much heeng (asafoetida) in dal, you know, I don't like it in excess. No dal-rice for lunch now. I will take potato sabji and roti only. AaiAai...are you listening to me?" Anand shouted from the basin.

Anand's sisters Lata, Aarti & Jaya were bursting out with laughter and Aai joined them too.

"Is there toothpaste on my face or something wrong with me?" – Anand asked, in an irritated voice.

But the hysterical laughter didn't stop, just as a truck without brake.

Previous Night

Anand was tucked in his bed sleeping peacefully. All of a sudden, three enlarging shadows appeared at the bedside wall. Slowly his blanket was taken off. One of the shadows had put a small matchstick, in his nose. Anand didn’t move. He was enjoying his deep slumber.

He opened his mouth for a big yawn and cashing on the opportunity, another shadow put a spoonful of something into his mouth.

Anand gulped it in a moment and said "Ummm..."

The shadowsAnand’s three mischievous sisters, carried on their devious plan. Now Aarti inserted her index finger filled with pickle, into his mouth.

His eyes were closed, but still he was enjoying the taste of the pickle. Lata and Jaya repeated it with a few spoonful of Kheer and fingers full of pickle.

"Wow..."- Anand murmured in his sleep. It was hard to avoid laughing at that moment for those naughty sisters.

They waited patiently till it got over, just not to wake up their dear brother.

*******The End*******

P.S. - After this funny childhood incident, whenever I enjoy mango pickle and slurp a bowl of Kheer happily, I feel nostalgic about my devious sisters. I remember our relationships as sweet as Kheer and as spicy as pickles too. Even the thought of it makes me smile, every time instantly.