What is White Matter

White matter is the brain tissue through which messages pass between different areas of grey matter within the nervous system. Using a computer network as an analogy, the grey matter can be thought of as the actual computers themselves, whereas the white matter represents the network cables connecting the computers together.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Inverted Devils

Jain's Mansion

6:00 PM – 6:30 PM

Though the day took off as usual at home, there was something, alluding me of bad omens and intuitions. 

Sometimes pets behave weird, like Rinky the cat had not yet rubbed her ears with the wall, no somersault, no screeching nails and not even rolling over the floor. The pets know it first if any evil forces are nearby. It's today morning wee hours when I’d waked up by a nightmare about strangers shackling me. 

Huh, let’s walk around and sniff out anything odd, the moments between the dusk and the dawn are prone to paranormal activities.

6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

All family members were busy. No one was looking after me as if I became an abandoned ship or rather an invisible being. 

Soon several adolescent boys and girls started gathering in the main lobby. The dark ambiance appeared spooky with dim lights with candles on the center table, surrounded by few glass jars with a red fluid inside.  

At once I’d started getting cold feet’s, was it human blood?

One after another, they started drinking *that* and advanced towards other rooms.

The scene was terrifying and indelible when they were back. Argh!!!

Those young people became literally *inverted*, their faces, feet’s and whole body had turned around one eighty degrees, except their dresses. They’d transformed into witches, ghosts, and monsters including my dear friend, Tinu too. 

Holy man, I was about to suffer a cardiac arrest, while witnessing their weird walking style and dance like Egyptians. Those were familiar faces, and I used to touch them on the shoulders. Few trolls inched towards me, but I slipped into a corner, sheepishly screeching nails on the floor. Now they had started a devilish ritual with clapping hands and shouting hymns.

Wait!!! My *normal* family members joined them as well.

Then those devils moved towards an abandoned ground, nearby. They held hands and feet of Tinu, and they started throwing him up and down. 

I was furious and yet petrified from the scene too. But no one was listening to my howling. 

I took a sigh of relief that my sweet friend was safe, though he was not able to walk properly.

8:05 PM – 7:00 AM
I was back into the doghouse. Now voices were dim, still incessant laughs bursts and songs like “Who Let the Dogs Out” were sending shivers down my spine. I had not taken food that scary day and slept until seven AM the next morning, only to see my friend Tinu appeared normal, loving and caring again (Perfectly dressed up with body and dress aligned at zero degrees). 

I was glad to see my friend and family were safe from those *inverted* devil spirits.

/*Spoiler Alert*/
As you can guess, an innocent pet dog is the narrator of this tale. He was too scared as on Tinu’s Birthday, we all friends were dressed up in the inverted (reverse) fashion like shirt buttons/trouser zip at back side and we were drinking Red Juice.

/*Spoiler Alert*/ 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

An Eternal Love Story

11/11/11,11:15 AM:-
"Hey Shreya, I couldn't get rid of your thoughts. In books, in dreams, in my eyes and in every scream of birds, I seek you, I pray for you. It mesmerizes me, when you remove your hairline from your eyes and tuck that slowly behind your ears. I wish, I could be your hairline and come towards your eyes, again and again. I Love you."
"Come on, Anand. Not again. You know, you are my best friend. Whenever I was down, you were the one who understood me and lend your shoulder to cry on. You kept the right music to play on and lift my spirit, whenever I had moments of sadness. In between tears, I had laughed on your stupid jokes, which were just meant to forget my sorrow. No, we are just good friends."
"Shreya, But why I cannot explain reason for this. Every time you come towards me from behind, I suddenly get restless and look back at same time. Every time, How come I know even, you are coming?"
"Anand, it is just that we had so much in common and something which keeps us together talking for hours. I guess, these were the vibes which attracted us to each other."
"Shreya, I would just want to say, I Love you."
"Anand, See I had enough of your proposals. Sometimes you kept “I Love you” as hidden note in my bag and sometimes folded the page no. 143* exactly, in books given to me. How many times you said “I Love you” to me in lot of different ways. I had stopped counting it now."
"Shreyaaaa!!! It’s because I Love you so much. I Love you."
"Anand, Ok…Ok…it is the last time I am saying. No, No, No. No."
"So is it the last time of saying ‘No’? So for you, it will be perfect time to say “Yes”,from next time, right!!!"
"Shreya, I Love you."
"Anand, Yes, Yes, Yes. Myyy lovvvve...I Love you too. So you got my 'Yes',finally."
(Sigh) "Yes, better late than never."
Anand and Shreya cuddled each other and disappeared in nowhere, together.
11/11/11,11:11 AM:-
The accident spot at the hill top was quite horrifying, blue and white bus completely crashed into long truck-trailer. The bus was carrying the students of College, going for a weekend trip.
"Folks, please help us to take out the dead bodies of those badly injured couple at the first row. Alas!!!"
The first page of the book, in the girl’s bag read – “To Anand - Happy Birthday - With Love from Shreya - Dated-12/11/2011” and page no. 143 was folded.
PS - *143 – One Four Three are the count of words in “I Love You”. There is no portrayal of faces in this work of fiction with random names, just to imagine them as you(reader) and your loved one/spouse while getting the sincere message.Do not wait, Its always a right time to say "I Love You".

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Obedient Fellow!!!

Conversation between Mother Kavya and Sarang, her 5 year old son at home:-
Kavya: These days you are becoming more and more Ziddi (stubborn). You should obey your teacher and elder’s every time.
Sarang: Does that mean everything they say?
Kavya: Yes
Sarang: Umm, Okay!!!
At School:-
Teacher: Children, we will learn a good habit today. You need to wear uniform only in the school and party dress at outside functions. However you need to take your clothes off, after reaching home and get yourself clean and fresh. You can then wear comfortable dress meant for home.
Sarang: Yesss, Teacher!!!!
At Home:-
Sarang reached home and undressed himself fully.
Sarang: Mom, see I am a good boy.
His mother, granny and grandpa, all started laughing about the proud look he gave and something weird too.
Sarang: What happened…why you people are laughing?
Mother (trying hard to stop laughing): You’d not taken off your shoes. Why??
Sarang (Innocently tapping his chin with his cute hand): But Teacher told us only to take our clothes off, after reaching home.
Their home observed another spell of hilarious laughers J J
PS – It’s a real life incident of a cute, innocent and sweet son of my earlier PM.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hush...Hush...Hush...Who is sleeping...

“Papa, I won’t sleep until you tell me two stories” – Aarohi put a garland of her cute little arms around my neck.

“Papa just came from office, had dinner and exhaustedyou know heavy traffic in the way” – I made a sad face with enlarging my big nose.

“Only two stories… (whispering)and then two songs on the cell phone, pleaseyesyesonce upon a timeyes...” – Enlarging her big eyes more and with an ever sweet smile, I guess no one can say no to her, ever.

I’d started telling her stories and, of course, answering all her cute questions. It was the ocean theme at her school and in between she was telling how blue her classroom was, with many fishes around and big whalessmall piranhas (with face afraid) who can bite your finger (With crunching sound of teeth).

She was laughing too, how I’d acted the forgetful fish with short-term memory… and how that fish spelled the name of other fish… Nemo, Memo, Pemo, Kemo… at different times…

But soon the curtains of eyelids were about to close and the voice became dim, almost whispering.

“Nemo went to a neighbor’s house and asked for the business value. Memo functionality had stopped workingokay, okay, we would make the final Demo on Monday… ummummm.bbadddaabbd.khurrr.Khurrr….”

“Papa, Papa!!! What you are saying… I don’t understand… Ummm…” – Aarohi pulled my cheeks but in vain.

With small steps and making no noise, she reached to the drawing room, where Granny and Mom were sitting. She kept her little hands on her left cheek and tilted her head sideways… with a mischievous smile on her face.

"Hush... Hush... Hush... Papa sleeping..."

“Oh no….not againlets go to sleep...” – Mom cuddled her and lifted her up.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

While you were sleeping...zzzz

One night @ Home 

"Baba(Papa)! Do taste this fresh mango pickle. It is so yummy and made by Granny, Ummm!!! Baba! Baba! I am talking to you. You'd lost in your thoughts again and smiling too!" 

Anand was drowned into the lost ocean of nostalgia. He didn't know when a wave escaped and sent him back to his childhood. 


"Anand, come here and do taste this Kheer, it is so yummy."


"Now, this is too much, you say a big no to everything you are asked to eat." - Rashi yelled at a ten year old Anand.

"No Aai (Mom), I feel pukish even at the thought of tasting it." - Anand Murmured in a low tone.

"Ok then, taste this fresh mango pickle, made by Granny." - Rashi ordered.

"Ahh, No...No...No...It is so spicy and oily... it can choke my throat... can't you see." - Anand chuckled, pointing at his throat.

"Huh, go ahead with your dial-rice and potato stuff, you don't even want to taste anything new. Don't regret it later, when you would be away from home..." - Rashi replied in her emotional blackmailing mood.

Anand gave a sweet cuddle to Aai (Mom) from behind. - "No, I wouldn't go away anywhere...love you Aai."

Three pair of eyes was observing this scene and brightened vividly with a mischievous smile dancing in them.

Next Day: Morning

Anand was cribbing about some weird smell while brushing his teeth.

"Aai, why did you mix so much heeng (asafoetida) in dal, you know, I don't like it in excess. No dal-rice for lunch now. I will take potato sabji and roti only. AaiAai...are you listening to me?" Anand shouted from the basin.

Anand's sisters Lata, Aarti & Jaya were bursting out with laughter and Aai joined them too.

"Is there toothpaste on my face or something wrong with me?" – Anand asked, in an irritated voice.

But the hysterical laughter didn't stop, just as a truck without brake.

Previous Night

Anand was tucked in his bed sleeping peacefully. All of a sudden, three enlarging shadows appeared at the bedside wall. Slowly his blanket was taken off. One of the shadows had put a small matchstick, in his nose. Anand didn’t move. He was enjoying his deep slumber.

He opened his mouth for a big yawn and cashing on the opportunity, another shadow put a spoonful of something into his mouth.

Anand gulped it in a moment and said "Ummm..."

The shadowsAnand’s three mischievous sisters, carried on their devious plan. Now Aarti inserted her index finger filled with pickle, into his mouth.

His eyes were closed, but still he was enjoying the taste of the pickle. Lata and Jaya repeated it with a few spoonful of Kheer and fingers full of pickle.

"Wow..."- Anand murmured in his sleep. It was hard to avoid laughing at that moment for those naughty sisters.

They waited patiently till it got over, just not to wake up their dear brother.

*******The End*******

P.S. - After this funny childhood incident, whenever I enjoy mango pickle and slurp a bowl of Kheer happily, I feel nostalgic about my devious sisters. I remember our relationships as sweet as Kheer and as spicy as pickles too. Even the thought of it makes me smile, every time instantly.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

God Bless Me !!!! She Came...

Why people are getting away from me, when I'm raising head to sun...
A breeze...a breeze so moist...will come from inside and run...

Looks like she is coming in a second...keep me humble...
The moment is stopped like a ship, before a rumble... 

But she didn't come... :( and people had a smile...
Taken a deep breath...walked again half a mile...

Finally that moment had come...
I don’t want to say welcome...

Raised my head again, to stop droplets to spill by...
Hanky to hide my face, I was feeling like shy...

Finally I bowed to the god the supreme...
Closed my eyes and about to scream...

My heart just skipped a beat, moment was deep-freeze...
Someone said something about me, and I had a sneeze...

Wishes came around me, God bless you...
I pray to god, no one should get the flu...

PS – Sneezing time for me, when I was writing this...so pardon me if these are just half-baked random thoughts...just arising from inability to concentrate…Thanks to wish me to get well soon, folks. Everyone, be in a good health in this changing season!!! 

PPS - To find, why I written, someone saying about me while sneezing and people wished god bless me. Check this out. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dumb Laugh Riots!!!!

Imagine a person is acting like he is running...people around him scream...



Bhagam Bhag

Run Milkha/Lola Run
Bhag Lakshmi(Yes, someone will say it too for Bhagyalakshmi :P)
Bhag 2 (Means part 2)

Yes, I am talking about our popular game Dumb Charades...I am sure, everyone among us had played this guessing game. In this game, a person from your team enacts it(no speaking allowed) based on movie/person/words given by opposite team and your team guesses it. 

Sometimes the word or movie is too difficult to enact and then suddenly creative yet crazy acts starts...and it’s fun to watch the person's imagination, which sometimes not at all, matches with his team's guess. Yet there are some funny guessing too, which results in more laughters than any other game...

One of the act I still remember is for JustaJu movie...quite difficult one, until my friend revealed his hilarious imaginations...

He acted to find a Ju(lice) in hair with an action of killing same by thumbnail...(guessed correctly in 5 seconds after hilarious laughter’s)...we repeated the same for Junoon, Jumbish and so on with the same laughter’s repeated...

Another hilarious moment I remember, when one of my friends acted(??) weirdly after giving clue for Hero...
  • If he would have danced like one hand at the head and another at back(Jatt Yamla Pagala Deewana)...Wow, Dharam PaJi...Sad, he didn't act like that…
  • If he would have danced like someone is killing ants on earth(O Mere Yaara)...Wow Sunny PaJi...Sad, he didn't act like that…
  • If he would have jumped and acted as if playing badminton(Dhal Gaya Din)...Wow Jumping Jitendra...(Sad, he didn't act like that…
He acted nothing and was standing still in blank position...for 10 seconds...

We screamed like hell "Tusshar Kapoor"...Yes, we guessed it right :P

I guess this post would be too long if I narrate all hilarious experiences and laughter’s we cherished...

Rather I will ask you what was your hilarious experience and moments while playing this game?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Band Baaja & Dance....

Can you think of a typical Indian marriage without band, baaja, baarat & dance ? 

There are typical songs and type of dances which are done usually with the lousy bands,trumpet, horse,chariot and people carrying lights..now may be replaced with DJs(better) in recent marriages I'd attended...

You can assume songs here...mostly...

# Yeh desh hai Veer Jawanon ka...I wonder a patriotic song still holds good to trigger Josh-E-Jawani...
# Aaj mere yar ki shaadi hai...can’t do without it :-)
# O Meri Zoharazabin...Favorites for uncle/aunt or even for grandparents :-)
# Mujhse Shaadi Karogi...Any Confusion still...but works for bachelors at the dance:-)
# Mere hathon mein 9-9 chudiyan hain...typical Galz songs...
# Sapne mein milti hai...will explain this dance in detail later...
# Kisi Disco Mein Jayen...Augh...Augh...should I say more...
# Sasural Genda fool actually phool...people will wave palms as horizontal cut , blessing actions, stop the "invisible" traffic and even walk like Egyptian...
# Dholi taaro Dhol Baaje...Perfect for woman of all ages to form a circle and performing garba...and dandiya without sticks..
# Wah wah Ramji...Bachelor guyz will look out for sisters of bride/groom...to dance with them...:-)
# Bole chudiyan..bole kangana...OR Shava Shava...OR Sajan Ji ghar aaye...Guyz with kurta/sherwani and stole (Most Imp - otherwise you are out)...Galz in ghaghara...perfect Karan Johar movies...

But come to dance...its all free form...as hip-hop/break dance/popping/locking may leave some brilliant buddies dancing alone...so dancing with the flow and bollywood dancing is surely on...

Nagin Dance - Usually one guy or more guyz(better) turn into snakes or dragons (without fire)...One guy removes his Tie,Stole,hanky or take even hands in the form of Beeen...suddenly people turn into wild shaking and hissing creatures....usually this dance losts very long until someone starts the next dance form...

Kite Dance - Kai Poche...suddenly people starts flying "invisible" kites with string pulling actions...usually others imitate..the other partner(s) hold charkhi to supply "invisible" string...then it takes form of gruel-some competition of "invisible" kites...2-3 people imitates cutting of string and dropping of kites hilariously....some other guyz run to catch them...and yes dance ends...

Bhangara Dance - Oh Balle Balle, a popular form...but I dont think people do classical bhangra at marriages...One or two hands up and One leg up...yes it just starts contagiously...and made hit by everyone start dancing, pouring in full energy...

Satya Dance - Remember Bhiku Mhatre(Manoj Bajpayee) from Satya - Sapne mein milti hai...people turn into wildest taporis and start intimidating each other...with gruelsome lip-biting actions....
Ringa-Ringa-Roses Dance - All people form a human-chain or circle and start performing ringa-ringa-roses without sitting at the end,ofcourse..then phugadi,garba and dandiya again with "invisible" sticks performed by all galz and aunts alike...Here the excitement is on its peak and people will pull everybody including bridegroom to dance...sometimes against their free-will too...

Old is Gold Dance - Usually Uncle/Aunts will show classic steps of their time...Bhagwan Dada steps, Dilip Kumar - nain lad gai hain steps,Mahmood - Aao Twist Karen steps, Vaheeda Rahman,Vajayantimala steps...and it is sure fun to see those impeccable steps and twists...without it dance will be incomplete...isn't it...

Recently at one marriage, unfortunately there was no provision/permission for band,baaja,baarat and no dance:( However in the room of bridegroom,we had craziest ideas of dancing even if there was no band-baaja-baarat...
  • Dance on cellphone songs while wearing head-phones :-)
  • Silent Dance without music, just actions :-)
What was your experiences...which form you do the most...Any hilarious form I missed out...?